Alpha Test Feedback Thread 5/5/17

Hey everyone,

Wanted to give you a quick heads-up for those who are waiting anxiously for the patch for the Alpha test tomorrow. We are still finishing up a few last-minute items that we really want to include in the test, so it will probably be just a bit longer before the patch releases. In addition, there may be a patch tomorrow morning as well.

The good news is that we have changed the way our build system works, so patch sizes should be much smaller unlike last time (most likely < 100MB) after the first patch, which will be around 1GB.

I’ll update this thread when the patch is live here in about an hour.



Here is a quick list of all the plants that can be found in the second Alpha test on 5/4/17. This is NOT a complete list of all the plants in the game, just the harvestable plants in the game for this Alpha.

Queens Ear, Roto Spore, Jocud Osheoth, Reedflute, Blue Moon Spore, King Sweetie Apples, Sydazoran, Blood Caps, Sour Bells.

That makes 9 plants you can run around and harvest. They are scattered throughout all the zones currently in the test including the wilds. As of now all you can do is collect them (they stack in your inventory now, so each item only takes up one slot) but there are no potions to make with them currently in the game. This is just a pre-cursor for the next couple of Alphas when we start implementing the Alchemy profession.


The patch for tomorrow’s test is now available via the Launcher. Thanks!

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You’ve planted the seed of anticipation here… eh… eh :wink:


Forum request: Addition of a “groan” button in addition to the heart.


The Patch Notes have now been updated for tomorrow’s test. I’ll be adding the new Runemage information and runes shortly as well.


The Runemage page has been updated with the base level runes for all the spells, as well as the updated runes for the Portal and Resurrection rituals.

Also, there will be another (hopefully small) patch going out late tonight/early tomorrow morning with a few final fixes before the test.


These look great, Riley, especially that Resurrection ritual. Can’t wait to start casting! :man_with_turban:


Okay, the patch is available now. That should be the last one we need to do before the test starts tomorrow.

See you then!

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I really like the line on the 2 rituals. It looks like it will cut out a lot of accidental casting of other spells and also stop people from accidentally casting the portal. Obviously haven’t tried it in game yet, but I like the idea :slight_smile:

Here is a printable runemage spell list.

Just save picture as and print


Or better yet, open those images in the steamvr web browser so you can quickly reference them while playing.


The server is coming online now. Have fun!

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I’m so sad, I’ll be stuck at school for the next 5 hours

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I wont be on until around 8pm EST. I’m jealous of everyone that can play now

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So just some initial feedback for everyone standing around trying to get the Runemage spells to work:

  1. I would concentrate on a single spell at a time…trying to learn 12 new spells all at once is just going to be a recipe for frustration.

  2. The proportions of the spells are very important. If you fail the spell 3 or 4 times in a row getting sloppier and sloppier while you draw it is not going to help much. Also some of you are drawing some of the spells backwards for some reason, haha. Check out this video if you haven’t seen it already, I draw all the runes so you can see them:

  3. The “accuracy” requirement is now at it’s “final game” level, so you do have to be pretty precise to draw them and get credit for it.

Keep after it, you’ll get it! :slight_smile:

Maybe I’ll hop in game and do a quick tutorial…


warrior stun it’snt triggerinmg ( typing with headset on. sorry for spelling

nevermind. a reload fixed it. However sometimes the hit detection for the sword is off. Sometimes it goes 7 hits at once. other times it wont’ register. party says spell volume is too loud

If you throw your compass up and catch it before it disappears, then the compass becomes fixated around your head lol (about 80% of the catches). Is this a special feature? :stuck_out_tongue: