Armors, Items, and Accessories


Heavy Armors (Iron, Metals, Minerals, Etc.)

Much more defense than Light Armors, but longer Teleportation Cooldown and slower Trackpad Movement. More designed for warriors and tanks.

Light Armors (Leathers, Robes, Etc.)

Less defense than Heavy Armors, but shorter Teleportation Cooldown and faster Trackpad Movement. More designed for rangers and mages.



They will be an item you can hold and will display a small charted area around you and your current location in the area. (Ease of Access to the Map)



Function the same way armors do, but instead allow you to hold more items. To place items in or take items out. Reach behind you with an empty hand and grab the backpack and pull it in front of you. Place it on the ground and open it by undoing the latch. To place it back on just grab the loop and place it behind you.


Gives you small buffs and look nice. (Larger buff than Bracelets but can only wear one necklace.)


Give small buffs and look nice.You can equip 2 Bracelets. (1 for each arm.)

That’s all for now! Come check back later and this list might be updated!

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I don’t like that one. A trade off is fine but not movment outside of combat, movement is too damn slow already. Watching my group pull away when I’m not sure where we’re going would be frustrating and nobody is going to want to wait.

Non armor items with stats I think are a must. I know not everyone likes to min/max but we need carrots to chase, even if we cant see them on our characters. They seem like they could be easy ish to implement.

I really like that backpacks idea, reminds me of the backpack in ‘Call of the Starseed’