Artificing - Musketeer and Mage


Ok, so what about artificing, specially as a musketeer or mage. Guess there’s no spoilers in here since I barely know basics.

From the Wiki I got you need to drink the potion, then search someone recording you, then hit a dummy, then craft the runes you see, for certain combos, like, shooting this orb and then that orb. If you do that combo later, having tiled gear on, the runes will sometimes proc and like, double my combo done, like, doing double dmg or stacking 2 poison instead of one (is this correct? Edit: no, procs add JUST a low % dmg increase). About making sets, what I also know so far are Draven’s public notes from another thread (ty):

  • You can’t use the same tile more than once in a given tileset. Having two identical tilesets doesn’t help you
  • You can have as few as 3 and as many as 5 tiles in a tileset
  • You can have tilesets that are subsets of larger tilesets and have them both benefit you
  • You can have tilesets that are inversions of other tilesets for alternating behavior and have both benefit you
  • You can have other runes appear during your tileset sequence and still proc (to some limited extent) as “interference”

Now the questions:

  1. If i’m correct, artificing is useless for non-stacking, non-dmg combos, that means, all the healing orbs except perhaps cure wounds (if a player is so far down 2 will be needed), right? Because, if I shoot renew, then shield, and my runes proc doing renew and shield, that very moment, nothing is gained. So artificing is barely something musketeers can or will use, for PvE content like TM?

  2. How individual is artificing, for example a mage? Are runes mirroring the actual spells, so there’s a fair chance they proc if I just craft the runes someone else recorded for, say, a fire-ice-icelance combo? Do pauses, messing up, etc. while casting ALL translate into runes? Does the speed you cast, as a mage, translate into runes? Can I even find useful runes while hitting a dummy or do I need to fight with actual mobs, or is a dummy better, because dmg received translates into runes?
    If so, are these factors showing always the same rune, say, there is a certain pause-rune or a dmg-received rune, or is it a funny random-factor?

I tested some sets from a video, and, surprise, nothing ever procs, though I do think I casted stuff just like that guy. So, just in case they are really absolutely individual, does it even make sense to start with tiles before you gained a proficiency at a class which is no longer subject to grave changes?

If I could see my own runes, fine, I’d throw in the mats and explore the heck out of them, but to ask another person to record and check on them like, every week, while my casting improves, makes no sense :frowning: .

If the answers should contain too many spoilers, feel free to pm me, it’s not like that I expect info on full sets or such but a bit of clarification on these points to see if it’s even worth getting into it.

Edit: I’m cross-linking the Warrior thread on the issue, it didn’t answer my questions but rather raised more, and I second the great “How to fix” suggestions aeonblack6 wrote here: Artificing as a warrior


In response to 1- I think they will be changing up the boost from tiles in the future so it isn’t just dps. Currently it is pretty worthless to musketeers in a party setting.

Now as far as how individual… it really just depends on the situation less than the mage. Ideally once you learn what each rune stands for you can make different tile sets for different situations or just some all purpose tiles and be a little more deliberate in your casting to make them proc. The best advise I can give you is to either spend some real time on dummies and real mobs to figure out what the runes mean or pay someone to make you your tile sets and explain what they do.


Each runeset that procs gives (best I can compute) 10% bonus damage for a few seconds. Max stack of 3 procs at a time. Longer tile sets make buffs stick longer. A 3 tile set seems to give a ~2 sec buff, a 4 set was ~3-4 sec. I haven’t had a 5 tile set work yet.

Pauses matter, because some symbols represent time between hits (mage), or from my incomplete translation of warrior, hits per second.

You can have up to 2 interference runes. A 3rd interference cancels the tile set. (I may be wrong, but I’m mostly sure I got this one right)


Hm ok thx for answers, only a dmg increase then I got the system all wrong… and if it’s so highly individual I likely wait for a long time before getting into that, since none of my classes playstyle will stay that way.

As for paying someone @Luvstosmooch , I finally figured potions and gathered lots of ores, so no need for anyone else crafting, that’s what I would enjoy myself.
Then, paying for spending time with me in the game (like, also, for “escorts” to the wilds or such…) and even for work outside the game (like, making and sending a video) goes against everything I did so far in games, so not doing that either, even if it’s only game currency. Likely I will swap that knowledge with friends who need same, later, but that needs abilities to record first and what all and time of both those people outside dungeon runs, so it’s not too easy.

Still not happy with not being able to see your own runes since I’d love to explore them alone, my pace, but well, if it’s so then they’re not really useful yet anyway.

Edit: And a boost for the Musketeer like adding healing % or longer HOTs sure would be great… but likely complicated because unlike dmg classes healers won’t always try to shoot orbs as fast as possible after each other, everything is situational, so the pattern for them should matter, only, instead of speed/pauses.


Strange enough, due to a crazy coincidence (someone took runesight accidentally during a dungeon run AND had a musk gun on him to shoot a few orbs in between I could note down) I managed to runetile my healer :smiley: . The procs are not too rare, actually, but dmg increase doesn’t last longer than for like one or two shots, and 10% I only saw once, often it is much lower like only 1-2%, so the percentages seem pretty random to me.


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