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Some of the veteran Orbies? (Orbinites?, need a term for the Orbus community as a whole) might remember Elijah’s artwork thread where he would post sketches or screenshots of some of the artwork he was working on at the time. Since then he has started working full time for us as our lead 3D artist along with our 2 part time 3D artists (Brian and Nate), so he became a little too swamped with making the world beautiful to keep up with the thread, but I am here to resurrect it and bring all that great artwork from the art team to the community. I will update this thread weekly with sketches, screenshots of the new zones or maybe some monsters, or maybe even some player screenshots.

Since I missed this past Monday here are a few sketchs from designing Highsteppe. As always these sketches are working sketches so a lot of times the end result is different from the sketch but it gives you a good idea of the direction.

Here is a link to the Artwork Monday Picture thread where all the art will be posted.


Omg ty ty ty! :heart_eyes:
I missed the art thread so much, glad to see it returning :smiley:


Rad, I am certainly loving these drawings you guys are sharing! (Gear and new buildings)

I also appreciated that video!! Can’t even imagine what this game will look like in 1 years time, imagine how big the ingame community will be :D! Ive already told many people at work about this game. Got 3 people into it so far, 1 bought it.


Elijah’s sketches are back! I already like it. :smiley:


Nice! Are the new lantern posts going to have the same collision as the old ones? I always wanted to be able to walk underneath the lanterns.


I love this! Thank you for sharing these


now this is something that really brings the magic. beautiful work guys and gals


I love the kind of country look to it :heart::heart:


Nice, been ages since Elijah’s thread!


I missed y’all too <3


Awesome! It’s great to see Elijah’s work again.


Oh this might seem weird but can there also be a thread that has all the artwork with no player messages? I sometimes like to have to quick glance at all the art developments without having to scroll down.


I would love to see this, I wasn’t a part of the community when the old threads were created so it would be nice to look through the old ones without the need of searching for them


This is actually a good idea, ill make a Artwork thread, and then a comments thread to accompany it, it will also make it easier for me to keep the same thread going longer with the artwork

Artwork Monday Pictures
Artwork Monday Pictures

Fraud! I was expecting new art work!

Oooo but that is this? image

And will we be able to climb up here? image

Nice job and that it goes beyond the first town :star_struck:


This looks an awful lot like old Kingsport.


Dude you know what would be cool? If it had some type of eerie music vibes.


You are correct that is the ruins of Kingsport city.

Our new sound designer Jesse has been hard at work creating some new ambient and sound effects for the game, we are just behind implementing them so expect to be hearing some new sounds in game in the coming weeks.


The layout looks very well done and I think it’ll be a much more inviting sight. Instead of the giant walls creating a barrier, the different access points will draw a player in towards the center.

Will there be a target dummy in the city or will the fort continue to be the nearest practice area?
I like to teach in the masses so that people walking by can tune in and learn if the hear something they didn’t know. :grin:


There is actually some changes coming to that whole area, so there will be some dummies closer to Guild City but not sure where they will be yet