Artwork Monday Pictures



I will use this thread to post all the screenshots for Artwork Monday, and have a separate thread [Artwork Monday Comments] for the comments. This should allow me to keep this one thread going for a long time without the art getting lost among the comments.


Artwork Monday Comments


Week 2 of Artwork Mondays, wanted to share some of the screenshots of the remodeled Highsteppe area, I shared a fly over during the weekend, but wanted to give some more detailed shots. Make sure to post your comments in the [Artwork Monday Comments] thread.


Another Artwork Monday has come, and we wanted to share some of the rough outlines/ideas of the next zone we are working on, Guild City! Here are some of the early sketches and ideas that we came up with.

This is the new layout we are using for Guild City. We took in all the feedback we have been getting through the forums and in game (confusing layout, too far between important places, dead feeling city, house on outside of city bad, too narrow of walkways, etc…) and with that in mind, we created a Guild City that we hope will soon be the bustling game center that it was meant to be. Instead of long winding alleyways we opted for a more open design, choosing an improved wagon wheel design. Now your Player house (which will be in the city #11 in the picture below) will be right next to the market (#1) and the Apprentice Smith’s shop (#6 closet to player house). We also moved the Guild Hall(#2) closer to the hub of the city with some courtyards on either side (#8) where we imagine players gathering preparing for dungeon runs or swapping stories. #4 and #5 in the picture are “alleyways” that cut through the buildings offering a faster route to where you need to go. Our goal was to not only re-make the city to adhere to the new art direction and performance standards that we are striving for but to also make a city that players will want to spend hours in. I will keep updating as we move farther along into the process and we have some more polished screenshots to show, as these are just the rough sketches the artist’s made for themselves to share ideas and improve upon the initial idea of the city.

As always post your feedback/comments in the comment thread (link is above in first post)


So I’m going to switch it up this week and give you guys some of the WIP sketches from some of the endgame dungeon bosses.(already in game)


So its artwork Monday…ehh Tuesday I mean. Wanted to share some of the concept drawings for some of the NPCs in game, including the new Sephotep some of you might of already met in game. Along with everyone’s favorite hedge witch that has taught those daring enough the dark arts behind the orders back.


Some artwork from the Tradu Mines.


So here it is artwork beginning of the week again, wanted to wait to push out some of these screenshots until we got the closer to the raids being out and also the raid preview blog. So here are a few shots of what you can expect to encounter along the way in the raid.


Artwork Monday/Begining of the week is here again. Wanted to share some of the more refined concept art Elijah did for us when we first started working on Orbus. Hope you enjoy and as always you can post any comments/requests here [Artwork Monday Comments]. I thought next week we might do something a little different. Id like to know if there are any questions that the community would be want to ask the art team about the game, or what they use, etc. Post your questions in the comments post and I have the artists pick our 4-5 to answer and post the question and reply here next Monday. Anything from where they draw inspiration, what their favorite monster was to create, etc. Also be sure to let me know of any requests you have and I will see if I can make it happen (no promises).


This might be a bit of a throwback to some of the more veteran players, but here are some of the original sketches from the first few tiers of armor for each class. (Warrior,Musketeer,Ranger,Mage)