Backing the Game after Kickstarter

Im very much interested in backing the game, but see the Kickstarter ended. Will you be doing a Slacker Backer or some sort of alternative method to back early?

Thank you.



We’ll set up something in the near-ish future to allow you to buy Alpha or Beta access if you missed the Kickstarter. Some of the rewards (like the Pet Dragon) were Kickstarter-only so those won’t be available, though. But the standard stuff like pre-ordering the game will be available.

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Dang! I just missed the Kickstarter as well. Bummer, no dragon for me…

quick question, PET DRAGON??!?!?!?!?!?
idk i mus have missed seeing it as a reward, what tier was it?

Each of the beginning 3 tiers I believe. As an epic founder you will be receiving all 3.

Edit: yup- backer, founder, and epic founder pet dragons (pet companion system was the $15k stretch goal)

You also get your own fellowship, and house as an epic founder at launch.

From what I read, it looks like everyone can have a house at start, even people who didn’t do the kickstarter. What founders get is a ‘House Deed’ which will let you select a different location for your house. It looks like other players will be able to get that item through some means, we founders & epic founders just get a head-start on non-kickstarter players.

Same goes for fellowships for Epic Founders, we get the ablility to make a Fellowship right at start, other players will need to do some work, or buy one during normal gameplay.

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Yeah that’s all accurate.

Everyone in the game gets a house, but by default your house is in the first (starter) village. Which is fine for starting off in the game but eventually you’ll probably want to move it to a new location especially if you spend a lot of time in the Wilds. You will be able to get both the House Deed and the Fellowship Certificate in-game by playing, but the Kickstarter backers get them right away which both saves them from having to work for it right away (although they would have to work for it if they want to move their house again), and allows us to ‘seed’ the game with some Fellowships right away.

How will placing houses work? I remember reading housing referred to as “instanced”. Does this mean that each city will have a “housing district” where you basically walk into a portal and choose to visit any house of your current party? Or will it be like Ultima Online where you can place a house anywhere in the open world that has enough space and only the inside of your house is instanced (so that passers by don’t have to load all your internal house objects)?

I guess another way to phrase the question is: will we be able to walk straight up to our houses in the open world, or will we enter an instanced area that contains our house (among other houses in specific “districts”) to walk up to, or do we enter an instance portal and appear inside our house?

It’s not open-world housing, it’s static instancing.

So for example there is one “house building” that everyone sees in the Starter Village, where when you go into the door you go into your house. You can change what “building” you enter to go into your house, though, by moving it to a different house in a different village.

We talked about open-world housing but decided it didn’t fit in with what we wanted for the game and also that it was just too stressing on the server to support.

About what I expected, cool! I don’t know the feasibility of it / what you have planned, but will it be one house per town, or two or three different styled / sized houses in an area you can pick from in a town? That might be an alright compromise for those who wanted the open world community feel while still being easier on the servers, as you’d have your own instanced house and “neighbors” who you might see coming out from time to time.
But I’m not a programmer so I don’t know if that’s any more straining. Personally im just thrilled to have housing.

Good deal. I feel like open world housing is great in theory (RPers can create their own towns & etc), but in practice you just end up with houses scattered everywhere and land rushes, skyrocketing real estate prices for prime locations, and huge advantages to early players over the later arrivals.

Or Archage levels of nonsense

In a perfectly ideal world, we’d have different sized houses to choose from in different locations, and the “interior” of the house would change based on what house you choose.

I’m not going to promise that’s going to happen, because I’m not sure we have the resources to do that (at least, not by launch). However, there is a nice customization factor to at least choosing where your house is in the game world, even if the inside is the same no matter where it is. In addition to that, there is a strong strategic value in placing your house in certain places if you are someone who is really into crafting or selling things, since depending on where your house is you will have a quicker/easier time getting certain resources out of the Wilds, access to different markets to sell your goods in, etc. So even if from an “inside the house” standpoint it’s all the same, there are already going to be good reasons to choose different places to put your house.


It’s probably still too early to go into much detail, but would “strategic value” imply that the house won’t just be for aesthetic purposes, it’ll also have storage space, work areas and probably crafting areas as well? That’d be neat. :slight_smile:

So the house is where you chest is, which is where you can store your tradable items so you aren’t carrying them around. So for example if you got a tradable item from the Wilds, your goal is to get it back to your house where you can store it until you’re ready to sell it or craft with it.

I also think your house is where you’re going to end up doing a lot of your crafting. I do like the idea of having like shared crafting spaces because I think it could be really cool to have say a forge where people are coming to do crafting work and can chat and whatnot while they’re doing it, but at the same time some of the crafting professions (like Alchemy) need a lot of space to work in. So I think the main crafting will be done in the house (in your own private space), but then we might have some steps that require a ‘specialized tool’ or something that would be in a more public area. Not totally sure yet.


Cool. That’s the sort of thing I was thinking of - you have your own personal space where you can put together basic items, food stuffs and generally be prepared for every day questing/adventures, but more advanced recipes/weapons/armour, etc. would require more specialized equipment/larger working areas that would only be communally available in town.

Depending on how money is obtained (direct drops from mobs or from selling loot drops), such communal equipment could be rented out from NPCs for a small fee that is proportional to the level/difficulty of the item being produced (just an idea).

Of course, these are just ideas. There is still a long way to go before any of this is in the game. :smiley:

Also I have a question about housing. Will you be able to decorate your house with furniture and things like that in the future, and will you be able to invite other players into your house?

Custom furniture was the $50,000 Kickstarter stretch goal so I’m sure we’ll be able to decorate our houses with furniture. The stretch goal itself wasn’t reached, so we won’t be able to do it at launch, but it will most likely be possible sometime in the future.

It would be nice if we could invite people into our houses, but that probably won’t happen until at least the housing system is set up and running.

Since this thread was initially about backing the game after the Kickstarter campaign, I created a thread dedicated to housing and furniture so we don’t need to hijack the topic of this thread.

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Your good, looks like there’s three tiers and you get the top one being an epic founder!! I’m pumped cause I didn’t think i was going to either and had to check it out!