Bard Class Feedback


Hi everyone, we want to hear from you about your experiences playing the Bard!

Please keep in mind that the balance of the class will likely be way off right now, we’re particularly interested in your thoughts on:

  • The core mechanics of the class, does it feel fun to play, does it makes sense how the crescendos work
  • The general audio and sounds

Of course, all feedback is welcome. Thanks!




is there a bard feedback thread? If you attack while moving the orbs get stuck with the crescendo effect

Reborn Beta 1: Getting Started

Moved it for you. Thanks for the heads up.


I had to turn the BGM off becausse it clashes with the bard song. Making the BGM dip when the bard song is playing would be nice


the beats don’t seem to always synch up with the music. It’s also very easy to over shoot and turn off the orbs.

I do like that the notes disappear when the crescendo is charged.


Rotating your head doesnt properly move the instrument… it should rotate with you.

Also, there doesnt seem to be any way to attack a specific monster? it seems to just do its thing.


Also, the selection of the orbs doesnt seem to work properly most of the time (and they randomly turn themselves off too)


it feels like you have to be very gentle with each key and it’s easy to go right through it. I feel the rhythmic nature of the class has the same flaw as the barbarian. It feels very lrandom. You use the crescendo and hope it hits something instead of using strategy. I haven’t used it in a party yet, which is its sole purpose so i’m sure it will play differently when you’re not trying to work around enemy moves while stuck waiting for notes to appear.


there also needs to be a way to open and start combat quickly. currently the only way to aim an attack is with a crescendo.


Major issues:

  • No way to initiate combat on your own except to charge up your abilities first or to run up to targets.
  • Orbs seem to stay for quite a while, just floating, which may contribute to game crashes
  • Some crescendos seem to glitch, causing them to stay as “available” crescendos but not be able to be hit, thus taking up a slot and having no ability to do anything with it.


Some of the crescendos seem to also stop the active playing of that instrument, while others remain active. Having some specificity as to which ones do what may be helpful.


If you rotate by more than about 30 degrees, you can fine-tune your direction if you continue moving that way… It just involves playing while looking slightly further in one direction or another. Basically, facing 0 degrees, if you want to hit 15 degrees, you need to look left to -30, then right slowly to come to 15, or look right to 45 and then left to 15.


Hey guys, thought I’d chime in here as well since it’s been a while - I just wanted to comment that the state of the music/audio/songs for the bard class is in a very early prototyping stage right now, if anyone wants to leave detailed thoughts about their feedback or ideas for the class I’d be more than happy to hear them!

Enjoy the beta. :slight_smile:


it should just follow the head. that makes more sense and is less disorienting for players


First sounds I heard while playing the thing were really nice :). Can’t wait to have my audio options back so I can adjust audio and graphics…


Some feedback:

  • Note colours are showing up purple.
  • Aiming for missiles is unclear, is it directly behind the instrument or from direction facing? With the work being done to hit notes it might be better to have them auto aim for the basic missiles with aiming for crescendo.
  • Clipping orbs underneath the instrument turns them off unintentionally, maybe better at either side of the maramba?
  • The notes are always showing up one after the other in a line, don’t know if this is intentional but it would be nice to have them on different pieces rather than hitting the same note three times.
  • Having notes sync with the music is important for a music based class. Maybe hitting the crescendo on beat amplifies the damage (similar to accurately drawing runes)? or having a faster bpm = more power?
  • Haptic feedback!

I like the class idea and it’s already pretty well done, QOL improvements will come when it’s more developed I’m sure.


All of the bard spells are staying in world.


Thank you for the heads up, this is part of the issue that should get fixed once we push the next network fixing patch out.