Beta 2 Minor Bugs


There wasn’t anywhere to report minor issues encountered in the beta, things that wouldn’t warrant sending an output log through the launcher reporting system, and that don’t fit any of the categories of the existing “Feedback” threads. Let’s share and discuss them here.

Here’s what I have seen so far:

The flying duck critters (I think? they come from nests with eggs), regularly stop and spin rapidly in place for a moment before flying in a different direction. Their hitbox also seems off, but I might just suck at aiming.

The frog citters (from lily pads) do not have an animation, and just slide along the ground.

The jumping fish in the “Swamp Monsters” dragon racing course did not have collision for me, I flew right through them.

The health/stamina/ultimate bar sometimes remains in the top corner of the screen during dragon racing and can be quite annoying (this may be shaman only).



Glitch in the apprentice smith window


Mobs have taken to Rock climbing



3 of the mobs that spawn with the witch are bugged and instantly de-aggro when you hit them so the witch isn’t respawning and we can’t clear the rest of the pack to make her respawn so currently the quest is impossible to do


So I went to the Swamp Smash dragon race and something appeared in my view which was really annoying to try and race with, I thought it was someone elses body as there was 3 of us going in together, when I came out I ended up having a huge muskie turret, it wasn’t someone else, it went back to normal size once I dropped it


If you leave the menu open after you equip pet treats and then throw the treat at the pet without closing the menu, it stays open while dragon racing, if you press the menu button to try and close it, it will bring you back out of the race and just waste your pet treat, could you change it so it closes menus automatically if it’s open when you start the dragon race?


Can you change it so if the item that you get is higher level than what you, you just can’t equip it, yesterday, I equipped higher levelled gear without realising it was higher, just saw bigger number “woo upgrade!” equipped it, destroyed the old piece and then realised “oh shit, did it again” and then had no gear in the slot until I manged to level or get another lower one drop, I did this about 4 or 5 times yesterday and it was super annoying, either that or make the boarder on the icon red, so it’s more noticeable but not the same as when gear is broken

Or have it so you can use it as your current level but have it marked in the stats to show you’re not getting the full benefit of it


I had the same experience in Maze last beta. I think mine was caused by the game having a soft reset, but I uploaded the pic of my massive critter gun


List of Minor Bugs (some already noticed):

  • My biggest issue (not minor but no clue where to fit it): Musky Orbs are still pretty hard to grab, as well as putting away the gun behind your back
  • Gathering with the pickaxe doesn’t feel natural to me, it tilts in a strange way
  • Sometimes my right weapon and hand completely disappears (only see orbs rolling around) not sure what triggers that
  • Paths inside caves and on bridges are pretty rough right now, feels rather like jumping from patch to patch; also most edges and corners where you think you should be able to go to are not accessible
  • Shaman: Pet treats and home beacon are not visible on my belt if equipped (right slot, didn’t test the other)


  • Some Houses in Highsteppe got very bright yellow colors, similar to the quest log pages which almost start flickering for me (as well as the Rainforest waters)
  • Healing Mode on Musky turret still misses its asset
  • Lifewell still waaaayyy too bright; personally I also find the Shaman frost orb too bright (and the sfx of it very loud)


  • “Lamavoria” on Compass


Try performing the motion to “put away/take out weapon”. That triggers the belt items to show up or go away, but does nothing to the totems

  • @Asmund_T Died while drawing a spell, the purple line won’t go away from putting weapon away, changing class, changing area, he hasn’t tried relogging yet but he wanted to get it reported
  • Big tree swinging dude dropped a level 18 weapon for @Metris_Marshmallow cap on beta is level 15, is this supposed to be 15+1?
  • Giving Bonus skill pet treats to dragons in the pet vendor area pulls you in to a race, it still gives the pet a trait, but it’s really annoying as you’re doing it to get trait not to race, can it be disabled for that treat type?
  • When turning quests in with PvP enabled gives a stupidly long number


I also got a level 18 weapon



Some hands controls on vive are still messed up like the first beta, i had to disable the gesture to open the menu because the hand is pointing by default and stops pointing by holding the trigger, so every time you move your hands your menu will open with the gesture enabled.


Overall I’m really enjoying the game. It has been pretty buggy- biggest concerns being lag and mob pathing.

The compass angle with the rift grip is really off, I feel like I can’t even use it because I have to have my hand at such a weird angle. (never been a problem before - this has changed with reborn)


Yeah I second this, have to have your hand at a weird angle to use it to find people/places and then you have to flip your hand all the way around to open your journal


I also noticed this. it has shifted in location/angle in the beta vs live.


The chest from killing the tree dude is invisible btw, forgot to mention it earlier