Beta 2 Public Events Feedback


Hi everyone - in this Beta session, there will be two Public Events you’ll be able to partake it, both in the Highsteppe-adjacent zone that you start in.
You’ll see where and when they start by the beacon in the sky, starting green( 5 minutes before event starts)
Yellow (3 minuted before start), and Red (1 minute before start). These events scale based on the amount of players around.

You’ll gain exp, dram and a small reward cache for completing them if you’ve participated (as in, hit monsters or interacted with the items for the other one.
You can read more in-depth about these as well here.

Let us know what you think of them and if you experienced bugs or other issues, thanks!


So far I’ve done the 2 events and I REALLY like them. The one up on the witch hill is pretty exciting and the mechanics are pretty good too. We had a pretty sizeable group and it seems to scale pretty well depending on the people involved. Was tough, so we had a big wipe at one point, but were able to regroup and push back in and win the day in time. So I feel the timer is good at the moment. Looking forward to more events in the world!


The event up the hill where the witch spawns, one of the mobs randomly walks off and becomes unattackable, it’s happened twice now, one of the times it caused us to run out of time

Here is the clip from the second time it happened:


To add some info on that once the mob came back and people kept attacking it, it was still bugged and then i shot him for the first time and actually aggro’d so we could kill it. I’m not sure if it was just a coincidence or the mob was actually linked to me somehow…


Has anyone completed the defending the fence event yet? The mobs seem to blow that thing up

So just been testing while there aren’t many players online

  • We completed the event on the hill with me and one other person, it was a lot of fun doing it that way
  • We got the fence defence event to around 2min 40seconds remaining before they destroyed it with 2 of us
  • Even when you hit the mobs 1-2 times, they still run and get at least 1 hit on the fence before they aggro to you
  • They still ran and hit it when I used gravity well on them to pull them away from it
  • Lava totem didn’t seem to grab the aggro off the fence before they hit the fence
  • Mobs like to kill the fence
  • I don’t think we can do this :frowning:
  • Pls fix


We had probably 20 people do the event on the hill, absolutely destroy everything, run down to a giant holding 2 trees and overwhelm it by respawning and running back until it died, then we went to the defense event and we instant killed all the mobs with our insane dps so we might need better scaling for large groups


Yeah that’s interesting. I mean really with open world content that’s sort of the “bear” of it…i you have 20 people rushing a thing meant for 5 15’s to kill…it’s probably going to die haha.

I think WoW had a concept of “crushing” damage where basically if you were more than say 6 levels below a boss it would basically just one-shot you. Maybe we should put a system like that in place for unmatched content like the giant.

But on the World Event, yeah there’s a limit to how high it will scale up, I’m not sure if it’s something we should increase or not.


I disagree because during the Beta this is likely the most people you will see doing this at this time of day, ever. Everyone is curious right now and trying out the Beta these 2 days, existing players, players who paused etc., yet the numbers I counted around me are hardly online on the entire official server, normally.

This hype is nothing to calculate with because player count will likely be that high during the first 1 or 2 weeks after release, all will be easy then, but once most are 30 same thing will happen to the events like in the current game. You seriously need to plan and group up to manage to do them, at all.
The tree-guy is surprisingly hard, it keeps killing players even with 20+ around (like, if you don’t step out of the green things quickly) I am rather worried how to bring it down once there’s a normal number of players needing the quest.

Also currently the levelup-chests are a big incentive to do events, but once those are gone, what is the incentive to do them, there should likely be something for level 30s, to keep them alive past the initial level-hype.


The whole mechanic now is that you will continue getting chests every time you “level up” even once you are 30. So your XP bar keeps filling up based on you doing content like public events and weekly missions, and you get good rewards for a Level 30 in the chest. Hopefully that will be a good incentive for max-level players to keep wanting to participate in that content.

Just out of curiosity what levels are the people doing that? It should really only take like 5 or 6 players to kill assuming they are all Level 15.

I will say, we are hopefully going to do a much better job retaining players with Reborn. Current OrbusVR has a lot of problems (which is one of the main reasons we are re-doing it in the first place) and us making Reborn has led to us not being able to put out content the way that we normally would (e.g. new dungeons every few months, new raids on a regular basis, etc.) My goal is to keep concurrents at several hundred once Reborn comes out. Not that we shouldn’t have a plan in case we aren’t able to do that, but hopefully it’s not like Reborn will be busy for a few weeks then go down to 20 people online or something.


Tried to participate in one of these, but there were just 15+ people standing around waiting for mobs to spawn so they could insta-gib them.


As for tree guy, ah ok no one is really 15 yet, most were around 6, perhaps 10 or even lower levels than 5.
That you still get chests after level 30 is great news, yes, this should be an incentive.

Draven: As for people grabbing mobs in events that is true, its hard to get hits in but well right now they are flooded because it is Europe prime time (evening/late evening), followed by the US prime time of playing, so that should cease after that. I was online sunday morning last Beta test and there was hardly anyone around.


So far i enjoyed the events a lot, especially the portal one. It would be nice having the beam turn blue when the event is currently active, because right now if you leave highsteppe after the start of an event you have no way to know there’s an event going on since there’s no beam.


We have been doing it with a wide range of levels normally with 7+ players, the most successful kills have been while using a level 10-12 ranger, mage and muskie and then a bunch of random other tanks/shamans and other lower players


yea, the mob is lvl 15… i would assume it would be super hard to kill with lowbies.


I was hoping that with the level cap for the beta being level 15 that I’d be able to carry on filling the bar now I’m level 15 to get the chest rewards to test that out but after doing 2 of the public events the bar hasn’t moved, guessing that will be in the next beta test?


So here is a video of the portal public event, in the video it shows 2 of the issues

1. The “combat” lag which Draven has brought up in the other thread, seems a lot like the lag I made a video of from the current Orbus which has been posted about a few times before (Around 40 seconds into the video)
2. Mob randomly walking away mid fight and being unattackable until it returns to it’s spawn point, not really sure what causes this. (Around 2min 20seconds into the video)


PLEASE do not do that. I love a challenge. This is like 50% of why I keep playing orbus.

I don’t care if it can one shot you but there should always be a way to survive.

At-least if the concept you are describing is what I think it is. Which is just kill everybody who is to low of a lvl without even being the target, no way to dodge/avoid, and when warrior no way to shield.


It wouldn’t kill everyone in the area instantly, no, but if you were directly attacked by the boss it would deal a boosted amount of damage. Essentially it would mean that a Level 5 participating in this giant fight would be able to contribute a little damage or healing but you would need a Level 12+ person actually tanking it at least. It would just prevent like 20 Level 5’s from swarming the mob and killing it.

Although honestly based on what I think is going on, I think the main problem is just that the boss is so close the graveyard people can just resurrect and rush it consistently. If it were farther away so that once everyone in the group had died the fight were over it would probably be fine.


I honestly didn’t know if anyone would make it to 15 this test, so it’s not currently in, sorry. Should be in next test though.


Cool okay! Will the next test go all the way to 30 then? Will we keep the characters from this test or will we need to go 1-30 if it’s going to wipe?