Beta 2 World PVP and Battlegrounds Feedback


That’s awesome :smiley:


That’s awesome! Can’t wait!


Yes, please add this. It will get more people to play bg’s.


I would like to have a betting system implemented where you can offer a wager against the other team.


Quite the late reply but making matched WPvP would truly take most of the fun out of levelling that left. What’s the point in levelling to PvP when you will just get scaled down or up. It devalues high end equipment you most likely spent hours grinding for in Raids/Dungeons.

To be honest I really hate scaling it totally breaks immersion, A fighter who has trained days to fight greater foes would look over their shoulder to see the local fresh spawn straight outta Highstepp slaying them with their wooden training sword, Come on… This very likely is to cater to the casual players who want to hop in and play with their friends without putting the work in to catch up. Low levelled inexperienced players farming high end Materials, Slaying great beasts. That right there to me is how you crush immersion and sense of progression.

If you want to do fair PvP without having to put the time into levelling or getting superior gear simply join Battlegrounds, There is a reason for having 10% increased Exp/Harvest rates it’s to draw players in to take the risk to get that advantage so that Wpvp wouldn’t die out.


What about the suggested scaled @Chezil?
± 4 levels, think riley said that was about 40% less health and attack? This removes the one-shot starter player problem, and gives a illusion of a starting player having a chance.


That sounds like a very bad illusion to do, In a extreme example a level 1 would fight a level 30 and will do so and so damage, After playing the game for sometime this player would go on to hit level 25 then would be faced with fighting another level 30 noticing no difference in their damage, Don’t you think that squishes sense of progression?

This also would encourage “zergs” of some sort where large groups of low levelled players would go out hunting as a group, The protection of being a higher level wouldn’t matter when the boys rock up and swarm you with wooden bows, Tree branches and old worn out musket’s. Being One-shot as a low level vs higher/maxed level will always be a thing in almost every MMORPG. Best thing I could thing of would be brackets where levels 1-4, 5-9, 10-14 could fight each other without being stepped on by higher levels, Even then with scaling players could hide in brackets to farm end game stuff without being harassed or contested by maxed players.


…i dont know. Felt very unfair to pass by, toss out a totem and instantly kill everyone.
A level 1 that experiences that is not going to pvp any more and it’s going to be a top player exclusive pvp.

Better to give them the illusion that a few more levels and they can beat the bartered that killed them, and that a high level player can get charred of or killed by a gang of beginners if he’s camping a beginner area or entrance to a safe zone


I really don’t think that is true at all, I know tons of players that have been ganked and killed, Camped at low levels with nothing they can do about it, The fact that you can turn off and on the Wpvp is blessing within itself. I have frustrating memories of trying to level in Redridge back on vanilla, When a maxed player would hold down the inn and DoT anyone up that came close to them, There was nothing you could do to stop them. You would have to wait until they left or got killed by a bigger fish. Wasn’t mad at the game just annoyed at player for doing it, Didn’t stop me from Pvping or levelling more or less gave me a reason to go train up and become stronger. On Orbus camping like that won’t happen as you can opt out and quest in peace.

Now that I think about it safezones shouldn’t be a thing replace them with zones where you wouldn’t drop items when killed by players, Wherever the dev’s see fit stick some of them wilds guards there meaning if you attacked some low level or any level in this matter within range of a guard you’re about to get clapped, Of course Players killed by a guard will always drop their items.

What about something like this solving the issue of the Nooblets getting smashed @Burnator you can’t just give them a illusion that grinding levels is going to help them when it isn’t until they close the gasp within the suggested level scale range.


Something else the devs should consider is if you have a separate shard for pvp enabled players or at least if there is more than 1 shard going, that it will have some kind of rule that will put all the PvP players together so you don’t have 1 shard with 2 PvP players enables and another one with 30. I like the idea of a separate shard but you really wouldn’t be able to complete any events as everyone would be killing each other. I guess you would have to make the events safe zones temporarily.


This is super late, but I have a couple thoughts.
During battlegrounds quite a few players prefered straight combat over objectives and with such a large map it was difficult to cover everything. It was pretty easy just running around the combat players and racking up points to win.

I think creating a smaller arena for easily contested points would be a good idea, raising the team size to 5v5, and a team death match or other various game types.