Beta 2 World PVP and Battlegrounds Feedback


also the fact that u cant see 90% of the shaman attacks both in their hands and after thrown makes it much more difficult to dodge


Well that explained a lot, I was wondering why you let me hit you with that slow flying orb that can’t even change direction


One question I have for the community that participated in the Battle grounds over the weekend, did you like the open field with the forts in it or would you have preferred something with more defined routes leading to and from each flag base. So for example it would have two routes leading across the zones that would go to each spot, with maybe a few bigger clearing areas along the paths, but more defined paths. Or do you prefer the more open fields so you can “pick your own approach” to the objectives. We will eventually have multiple BG maps incorporating both types, just curious what everyone’s thoughts were.


I liked the openness because it was easy to outmaneuver the enemy and complete the objective. I’d like to try the more direct approach, but that seems less strategy based and more pure combat.


From the couple matches I played - I definitely agree with this. I think it adds the need for a little more teamwork, communication, and strategy.


Definitely. A big reason Shiki and I went undefeated for all 4 or 5 matches we played was because we were really good about locking down points, drawing the enemy out, and using the entire map to move the enemy where we wanted. Lanes take away that freedom.


Yup the openness worked well for that game type, sneaking around the outside to grab points was a lot of fun


Does the musky gravity orb work in PVP?


The pull of grav and push from pushback don’t work. Neither does polymorph. They didn’t want anything that makes the player move as that would be very disorienting


Although it would be absolutely horrid to play against, imagine if polymorph worked. I wanna see what it would be like to be a chinken in vr :open_mouth:

I do think the fact you can turn on pvp in highsteppe, turn in a quest, then turn it back off is a bit poor. Maybe make it so pvp only increases grinding and public event exp. also I didn’t turn pvp on until I was around level 14 (because I felt safer then [and of course got killed from behind by shiki {but still came back and got my revenge kill :smiling_imp:}]) and it’s a lot more fun than I expected it to be. Amazing work with this concept :slight_smile:


This was not intended, we will look into changing it so that you only get the bonus if you completed the mission with pvp flag on or something along those lines.


So people would need to have pvp on for each and every critter they killed to get the boost (and kills outside pvp, like, oh, there is a cheese and I catched a mouse… shoot, forgot I am on pve… would basically ruin their xp for this quest?). Or will the flag apply when the very last critter is killed, then same thing will happen, people would try to pvp-get the last drop of any quest doing the rest in PvE… I am with semi, xp boost for quests should just be turned off entirely. It’s going to be either tedious to get this boost or it is inviting exploits/workarounds with turning it on and off at the right moment, both is kinda disrupting gameplay.


i dont see a problem with the PvP bonus for quests to require pvp to be turned on the whole time, if not most of the time. since quests are supposed to be one of the main ways of getting xp, getting rid of the bonus on that makes it much less useful


Or for the critter quests they can just remember for every single catch if it was with boost or without. Which is also an option. And something similar for killing mobs and doing the races.

(for the devs if they consider it, you don’t have to remember in advance all occurrences and history with code. Just add a counter with 10 points for a normal action and 11 points for an pvp enabled action. Or use another similar approach.)


Same, going all around to the enemy base and catch it while everyone is focused on the middle, then holding it as the enemies respawn 1v1 is so much fun.


Feedback and bugs for PvP

Had a lot of fun and enjoyed myself in the battle, wish I could have done more than just 3

  • Got stuck in combat multiple times after I killed the person, which didn’t let me heal
  • Had a bug where I showed 10 kills but 0 dmg
  • Kills should only be given to the last person that does the dmg to kill them, currently if you do dmg to the person at anytime it counts as a kill. Was this intended?
  • Suggestion for the future would be to have dailies for bg’s so it gets more people playing them, something like win 3 bgs. Don’t do one for losing otherwise people just go in and afk.

World PvP
I really enjoyed the world PvP, the best part was showing up to events and seeing other red names and trying to do the event while killing each other.

  • Got stuck in combat multiple times even after I killed person I was fighting with, need a better system for getting out of combat for PvP
  • Would like to see a daily quest for world PvP, something like kill 5 players ± 2 levels for x experience
  • Teleporter needs to be enabled, the teleporter should have at least a 20 second cd and you cannot move while holding it
  • You shouldn’t be able to immediately log out, I would do the same parameters as the teleporter, can’t do it in combat and have to wait 20 seconds without moving
  • There needs to be some kind of cd with changing PvP on and off after lvl 15, maybe like a 2 hr cd
  • Currently when you have PvP turned on you cannot trade with anyone, I would recommend changing that to where you can trade with other PvP enabled players and while in HS you can trade with all players
  • If someone is in combat, they shouldn’t be able to go into a safe zone or HS
  • There is a bug where you can turn PvP on in town and turn in your quest and get credit for it. I would recommend that either the game take a snapshot when the quest is completed to see if PvP is turned on so when they go to HS to turn it in, they get credit for whatever the snapshot said. The other option is to track how much % of the quest they did with PvP turned on and anything less than 100% they would not get the PvP bonus experience


Yeah stuck in combat was a recurring problem in public events, perhaps if you don’t deal/receive damage for 30 seconds it should put you out of combat.
Also if you have pvp enabled you should have a timer before logging out when not it town, otherwise you could logout as soon as you see a red player approaching you (fortunately i haven’t seen this happen on the beta, but it will definitely happen when people start harvesting with pvp on).


Lots of pvp focused games have moved to this approach, and I think it’s actually better this way in some regards.


I love this idea, would be a great way of keeping battle grounds active


We are planning to add an Activity Missions vendor for PvP Battlegrounds so there will be weekly missions that are BG related (e.g. “Capture this many points”, “Do this much damage”, “Win a game getting at least X kills”, etc.). So you’ll have the opportunity to do those as you level and then there will be a weekly bonus for two of them every week.

We may end up also adding a daily “queue up and win one battleground” bonus like we are going to for dungeons as well, not sure yet.