Beta 2 World PVP and Battlegrounds Feedback


What about instead of always dropping everything when you die, you drop items proportional to the level difference between you and the person who kiled you? So if you are both the same level, then maybe you drop everything, but if you are 20x levels lower, you dont drop anything.


After thinking about it, I think having it scaled would in fact be good


The rest of the pvp population would probably disagree with you… a lot of people like ‘feeling powerful’ by ganking lowbies. This is why i never play on pvp servers in other mmos. Literally the only ‘pvp’ you are adding over a normal server is being ganked while trying to level, or ganking others while they try to level.


@Shiki @Vassago

Welp here’s the rest of the pvp population let’s see how they feel about it :joy:

And it’s less about ganking people trying to level and about adding extra spice to game. Not really much punishment in this game for getting killed while pvp is enabled. Ok you drop your tradeables you don’t have equipped… Almost 0 risk here as you can just disable pvp when you want to go harvesting.


right, the spice of knowingly making someone’s gameplay miserable and slow. Their tears taste so good! Ganking players who can’t fight back is definitely the best spice a game can have!


I think the way it is currently set up now is fine. No matter how you set it up, there is never going to be a perfect system, it’s world PvP. Every scenario you can think of will have flaws giving someone an advantage. That is the whole point of giving the bonus to people who decide to turn PvP on. If you get ganked you can easily go to Highsteppe and turn PvP off until the high level leaves and go back to leveling. It’s very easy to not have tradeables on you when you are out of Highsteppe. I think the problem lies with to many PvE players trying to weigh in when they will most likely never participate in PvP or care to. People who enjoy PvP don’t care much about being ganked. They know they will eventually get that person back in the future. There is a few of us that never turned off PvP for the beta and don’t plan on ever turning it off even after Reborn is released. If I get ganked and camped, so be it, I know the risk as do any other hardcore PvP’ers. That is why we have the opt in and opt out. It will almost never be a fair fight in the world. That’s what battlegrounds are for.


If you have pvp enabled you can’t trade with anyone. I understand why you can’t trade with someone with a different pvp option, but 2 players both with pvp enabled should be able to trade each other.


As much as I love an unfair fight and ganking the totally unprepared, a matched system could actually be a lot more fun. The additional difficulty in a matched gank could give the victim at least the illusion of fairness. It may not be enough and people may still be sour when getting ganked, but it’s probably better than nothing. Even the aggressor probably doesn’t want a one-hit-kill; it’s just anti-climactic.

I don’t think narrowing the band to -2/+2 is necessary, though.


With the current system, that’s 75% less health and 75% less damage If I’m not mistaken.


75% less health and 75% less damage

-2/+2 is already that steep? Perhaps that’d be reasonable. You’d still need a serious skill mismatch or group size mismatch to overcome the level gap.


There’s about 10% difference between levels in the current build, compounding.

So -1 Level = 10% Less Damage, 10% Less Hitpoints, -2 Levels = ~19% Less, etc.


Good to know. I stand by my original assessment then. ~35% less damage and health seems pretty fair, especially if that’s what a player could expect from non-PVP content as well.


Ok last build was like that :wink: can’t see levels in pvp

Then 4 levels is fine then


we found the pvp is actually matched content right now, I was lv15 while Kamina lv6 and i was doing to him the same damage i do to every green-difficulty mob.


The damage that shows on the floating damage text is the unscaled damage. So basically when you’re fighting the matches mob it might show you did 1300 damage but only do say 250 to the monster. We could show the scaled damage there but I thought it might be confusing to constantly see different damage amounts for the same attack.

But at any rate, even though the FCT number is the same the actual damage done is different.


i didn’t look at the numbers, i based off the hp bar. With a basic arrow i only did about 5% to Kamina like i do with the monsters outside highsteppe, while if that wasn’t scaled i should have one-shot him (or almost) with 9 levels of difference


Oh okay I’ll look into that then.


-world pvp needs some changes to gameplay.
Getting overweight in lamavora ment a extream slow walk home, or just start destroying stuff.
You can’t trade, not even with other pvp players, you can’t teleport, and there are no airships :-p


Yeah, sorry we left you behind there, I think once safe areas are added you should be able to trade with fellow PvP players, home teleport and portal while in the safe zones


If the option to home teleport from safe zones would exist, then we shouldn’t limit the trading to PvP players only. While in safe zones I think you should be able to trade freely with annyone.

(Although a time limit to enter a safe area with “perfectly legaly accuired loot” should be added in some way, shape or form to prevent people from killing someone 30 seconds away from a safe area and then go for a mad dash into the safe area with said loot)