Beta 3 Dungeon Feedback: Lich's Crypt


Hi everyone! You can now tackle a dungeon for the first time in the Reborn beta, and we hope you enjoy it!

  • The new Lich’s Crypt dungeon has been added to the game. This is a Level 10 dungeon which features two new and unique bosses as well as a visually interesting environment.
  • The Troll boss features a fight centered around careful mechanical work and boss placement, while giving new players a fairly easy fight to learn the mechanics since there’s not much direct damage being dealt to the whole group.
  • The Lich King fight features a boss with several totally new and challenging mechanics that will require the whole group to be coordinated and on their toes!
  • There is a new armor style for each type of armor that has been added to the game which can only be acquired via dungeons. Dungeons will also drop +1 Rare Loot from bosses and reward caches.
  • Dungeon loot has been changed from the original game. Now, each boss will drop 1 piece of gear per kill. In addition to that, at the end of the dungeon run after both bosses have been killed, everyone in the group will receive a small reward cache which will contain (among other items) a guaranteed piece of dungeon gear.
  • The Dungeon Matchmaking system has been re-enabled. In addition to your normal dungeon rewards, you will now receive a small reward cache for your first successful dungeon run each day via the matchmaking system.
  • When you enter an instanced area such as a dungeon or battleground, your in-game voice chat will now default to Party chat. So you can talk to your party anywhere in the dungeon/battleground without needing to hold your compass up.

Please let us know what you think, and if you find any issues or exploits.


We just cleared the dungeon but we didn’t get the reward crates, the barriers are still up as well.
Also some mobs were glitched and reset as soon as we enter in combat.


You didn’t get any reward caches at all? Did you kill both bosses? Note that they just appear in your inventory, they don’t appear like boss chests or anything. The log at the top of the screen should note that you received them though.

The dungeon barrier will not fall down until you have killed like 85% of the trash as well, just making sure.


What did you all think of the mechanics of the fights? You can PM me if you don’t want to post spoilers.


Yeah i only have one crate that i got at the public event, both bosses are dead, it’s probably because we couldn’t kill a few glitched trash groups.
The mechanics of the Lich King are awesome! Much more fun than any other fight in orbus, first boss was cool too. I think the Lich King needs to be buffed because at some point everyone but me died and i was able to kill him.


Yeah on the Lich King fight it’s a lot of introductory mechanics (since this is the first dungeon) so they are dodgeable. I could make it to where he only does melee attacks and then basically if the tank dies everyone would end up dying. But since he does his single-bolt shot if you are good at dodging it you could in theory take him down on your own assuming you don’t have another minion wave to deal with.

How many orb blasts did he make it through before you all burned him down?


Yeah it was pretty much me and the healer for half the fight, he died at the last wave so i didn’t take much damage, not sure but i think he did about 7 blasts.


Oh okay great, I was just afraid it was like 1 or 2 or something haha.

I’ll look into that reward cache issue, that’s weird we tested that like 7 times, it’s always something…


This pack was bugged and kept resetting cause one or two of the mobs were stuck in the wall


We also killed both bosses and no loot/reward chest, the blue wall disappeared at one point but after we died it came back up and wouldn’t go away again after that


The dragon racing inside the dungeon doesn’t update the leaderboard, also it completes the wrong mission (Sky High instead of Lich Crypt)
EDIT: Just noticed it also cleared Racing Ruins’ mission


I added some more logging to the dungeon so hopefully the next run I can figure out why the caches aren’t working, sorry about that.


We will be running it again very soon, just waiting for krunk to get another glass of wine

Any idea on why the barrier is bugging out ?


So it did go down for you, but then it went back up after you wiped?


Turret resetting to damage like every time u go to graveyard or switch to other classes… anyone else got this? It is very annoying especially because the animation is still missing so you can’t even easily see whereto it is set.


Your involvement and enthusiam for this game is impressive. I love it when the devs love the game as much as I do.


The logging is in for any run started from this point forward.


Yes but this time it hasn’t gone down at all, can you make it go down if the 1st boss is dead or something instead of trash as there are bugged packs?

Another bugged back below V


Just cleared second boss, no chests again, is it being treated like a shard where you need to have 100% trash cleared?


If you use go to graveyard while the second boss is in his shielded phase with his minions up the boss won’t reset properly, the health will go back to 100% but the minions will stay up and he will continue to use the purple thingy under your feet thingy while running back to him