Beta 3 Dungeon Feedback: Lich's Crypt


No, but I think you started that run before I had my logging in place, sorry. I’m still waiting to see a run after it’s in there. I’m sure someone will run it tonight then I should know more.

To be clear, you are getting a normal boss chest (where one person is getting loot), just no additional caches added to your inventory, right?

I mean that’s not really the part of the dungeon where it’s supposed to go down. I could try maybe linking it to a specific pack though so it’s not based on percent of trash killed.


Will run it again soon, just doing some events and stuff



Completed the dungeon, got the reward chest but no exp reward


Wanted to second, I was in this group and did not get any XP for finishing. I was on my lvl 14, rick was on his 15. The other group members did get xp and they were on lvl 8 or below.


So everyone in the group got a Small Reward Cache, some of you got XP and some did not. Did you all see the “Congratulations dungeon complete” message? Did anyone get two small reward caches and a message about the daily bonus?


Oh actually, was this a group formed via the dungeon finder or did you just all go into the dungeon in a group?


First boss very easy, but also fun. Requires some movement of everyone, real good for a starting boss. Not sure what to do on the Lich King, we got it half way down, but we didn’t put in many tries. If paladin-teleport is fixed I am also not sure if groups are willing to run back to him, continously, it is a long distance to get there (or is that because the wall is bugged?).


Well the wall should go down around the time you clear the groups before the Lich boss assumign you have been clearing the trash. I think the problem is some trash is getting stuck and people are skipping it which is leading to an issue where the wall isn’t going down. Because basically by the time you are on that boss the wall should go down and stay down, yeah.


Yea more than one group was resetting all the time, same problem like in the overworld and frankly, Maeo sanctum got those bugged mobs too since day 1, I don’t know if there is an easy fix for that. The colossus at the bridge suddenly vanished entirely, btw, and respawned later.
Why not just drop the wall when the first boss is down, that should enable the group to go on easier no matter what bugs there are.


We all got “Congratulations dungeon complete” and 1 small reward cache. Nothing about a daily bonus. This was full group that joined the cue.


Okay so for any new dungeon runs from here on out, the barrier should drop if the second boss gets off a melee attack and stay down from that point on.


I just cleared it again and got a cache but there was no gear in it.


Okay, I’m also seeing the one generated for teken in your group was messed up because they were a ghost when the boss was killed. I’ll work on fixing that.


Looks like you fixed it. Got the extra chest and got XP.


We cleared all the trash in this dungeon run and wiped on the last boss to see whats going on with the blue barrier and it’s still not going down, something still isn’t right about it

Also after doing the dungeon and leaving, the game is super dark until you relog

Gravity orb doesn’t seem to stun/interrupt the spells, in the dungeon, not sure about the overworld


Our last boss got bored and tapped out on first clear. (Due to a drag reset)

Main issue almost half of the mobs in both clears was spam resetting, Overall a great looking dungeon! Can’t wait to see it fully fixed also F scaling Zzz mechanic.


I really liked all the boss mechanics except one small thing, the size of the circles that form under you during boss 2. They are too small so you can’t see them unless you are looking down at an angle. You can keep them and the boss in your field of view if you look down at about 45 degrees but it’s just no fun to play that way. Can these circles be made the same size as those on boss 1 which are easy to see while looking forward? Same goes for the circles on the world boss which seem to be the same size as those on boss 2 in the dungeon.


I just finished the dungeon as a Shaman, here is my feedback:

-The new boss mechanics were great, loved the boss’
-The shielding mechanic with the adds was more frustrating than fun, mostly because they ALSO did healing
-As a shaman my stun totem(the green one) worked about half the time which was odd
-I died during the final boss fight, in which i was battle rezzed but I died again. I did not get a message saying “congrats on clearing the dungeon” like my fellow players, and did not get any loot related to the dungeon. I did get a small reward box but I think it was for clearing the dungeon first time cause it only had materials in it, no gear.


Paladins can teleport straight to the Lich King’s room, take an hit and unlock the shortcut.


Okay I’m going to drag the hitbox thread to here and do both in one

Here is the steam from when we were testing the 1st version of aRkker’s damage meter, we run the dungeon 3 times, but rather than you spending an hour watching through it, I’ve rewatched it and made notes, with the times so you can go through and check out the various issues

0:01:55 - Tear Minion disappears ~80% Health
0:07:17 - Little mob resets (health bar disappears but keeps attacking the dead body of the shaman (Squall) and then full resets at 00:07:39 when we kill the mob still in combat, then re-agros on to the bard (Very dark on ultra, I change to low a little after)
0:09:36 - Invisible wall or something, mobs won’t argo until we go around the other side of the pillars
0:09:50 - Same thing again but this time mob disappears with around 25% Health left
0:10:27 - Tear Caster Disappears (reappears later though!)
0:11:39 - Something seems to chaos bolt me, no idea where from and it wasn’t visible ???
0:24:14 - Dyes not showing on gear until weapon switched out and back in
0:25:00 - Headshots going through the head and not counting (some were misses, some were not)
0:26:30 - Tear Minion Disappears again, same as last run at around 80% health
0:27:15 - The second little dude jumps to dodge, goes the wrong direction, off the edge and resets
0:30:42 - Leash range on mobs seems a lot shorter in reborn, here is a perfect example
0:35:33 - stood close to the pillar and shots are just going through the target, clearly not clipping the pillar
0:35:40 - Squall’s hitbox clearly too big, arrows go right past him but still get blocked by him even though not near his character model
0:36:35 - This pack, you have to run into that room before pulling otherwise they keep resetting
0:38:50 - Paladin’s can jump the gap to the last boss (super handy cause the barrier is broken…)
0:44:15 - arrows going through the mob, some hitbox issue?
0:45:00 - Tear Minon disappears again (3rd time in a row now)
0:45:30 - 2 people die from smash (lol) the little minion dude keeps attacking the dead body again (can probably see better at 00:45:42)
0:52:58 - Pack had a mob stuck in the wall and it kept resetting the whole group
0:55:14 - 1st caster died with link shield being cast which caused the other one to stop taking damage (had to watch this a few times to work it out)