Beta 3 Dungeon Feedback: Lich's Crypt


Okay thanks for the detailed notes, I will review all of that post-Beta and get fixes in for as much as I can :slight_smile:


If I got the “matched” content mechanics right then the scaling works from level 6 (or 5?) onwards, right? If I am lower I will have a much harder time. On the other end it does not really matter if I am 4 or 10 levels above the mobs, I will still do and take equal damage from them.

I would love to binge-queue for that dungeon, but what holds me back is that the queue got no minimum level requirement.
It is just not possible to do this with several random lvl 1-3s who possibly never played orbus thus don’t know how to even access their class weapons properly - plus taking so much more damage (and do much less) than the ones which scale properly.

My suggestion is restricting the queue to level 5+ (or whatever is the minimum for scaling) except a group of 5 queues up who likely knows what they are doing and who they are takin with em.
It would be an incentive for leveling at least a few levels before joining and for joining at all, for higher levels, because the chance for success is higher.


To add onto Rickness’ notes, I had problems getting my attacks blocked by allies while playing a shaman. This wasnt the biggest issue and I have gotten pretty good at aiming my throws, especially doing large arcs so my attacks would go over my allies heads and land on the enemy. The problem I definitely want to bring attention to is that I noticed my performance would drop when I hit an ally with an attack, ESPECIALLY if they hit it with their weapon.


Not sure if this was mentioned, but I’d get huge frame drops every death nova or whatever the orb spread attack is called the lich boss did. As long as I was in the right spot it was fine (I solod it as a warrior), but it was hard to move just before it launched.