Reborn Hitboxes



One of the main things that needs looking at before release is the hitboxes, as a ranger it feels harder and harder to hit enemies, they seem to have super skinny hitboxes and it’s easier to get my hits blocked by stuff such as, teammates, totems, pets (dragon hitboxes seem to be in the air?) invisible walls, boundaries for the walls being bigger than the walls so if you’re stood slightly too close you’ll just be hitting a wall even though there is plenty of room

Beta 3 Dungeon Feedback: Lich's Crypt

If you can get me a screenshot example of the wall situation I will look at it.

The pet hitboxes don’t interact with arrows or spells at all anymore so something else must be going on there.

Beta 3 Dungeon Feedback: Lich's Crypt

It was in the dungeon where it was happening, in the corridor near the blue barrier as you are heading towards boss 1, I’ll go check my live stream from yesterday cause I’m certain it was on there.

As for the pet hit box, I’m like 90% sure it was that and can go get a recording of it once I get back online


Okay, so the pet does have a hit box but because it’s so low to the ground it doesn’t matter for rangers (might still block orbs but didn’t test that) as for me saying the hitbox of the pet is high in the air, that seems to be something else and it just seemed like it was that because my pet just happened to be sat there when I noticed it before so I assumed it was because of my pet.

I got a recording of it and am about to chop it down and then render, upload and then I’ll post it, it also shows the server lag that I am getting (sent logs)

Another thing with hitbox issue was at the public event at Bedouin camp, once the mobs destroy one of the tents, the tent’s hitbox stays there, blocking arrows, also, if you move to where it was, it will turn your screen black like you are standing inside it, even though it’s not there, it’s super annoying


Okay so in this 4min video there is a whole lot of hit box issues, I think it’s dead enemies’ hitbox staying around and then there is that server lag which I’ve reported a bunch and sent output logs for and then towards the end when I switch to muskie you can see my shots just going straight through the mobs, this is happening a bunch, same with heals going through players