Beta 3 Minor bug Thread


We had one of these for Beta 2 and I feel it was super useful to have so I’m remaking it:

  • When looking at the moon, it doesn’t gently move in the sky, it jump a bit at a time, it looks super bad and I think it just needs it’s refresh rate turning up or something, I remember something similar happening in Fallout. I can get a recording or make a gif of it later if needed

  • The Selfie Bot (Which I totally love and is one of my favourite things now btw! Good job!) doesn’t show the skybox so you just have a big black area in the sky instead :frowning: please fix

  • There is still shadows coming from stuff as the sun goes down when there shouldn’t be and it looks terrible, I reported this in the one of the previous betas about it happening in caves, it’s the same thing in the overworld as well

  • Character on the log in screen still doesn’t show dyes (this is super important because it’s the best way to see your dyes in proper lighting)

  • Giant’s bodies are still too high and clip over their heads

  • I think this NPC’s texture is broken, seen it on a few others too


The “Backwards F” Rune on the teleport pillar is the wrong way around


Is this the pillar in the flooded rainforest


Yes, it’s Backwards F, Chickenfoot


The hour glass is the wrong way around on the “Flying High” Pillar


Hidden Gardens Ladder rune is backwards


Question for the Dev.

Are we gonna keep our character from Orbus vr when Reborn launch or start over?



Your character for the current game (OrbusVR) will transfer to Reborn. All progress during Betas will be wiped before launch also.


Ty Ty thats awesome,love this game,you guys done great job with Reborn!


Lamavora is Spelt wrong on the compass (unless the spelling changed in the past 20 years)


got it fixed thanks.///////


Been finding some mobs spawning in the ground, they can still attack me too, had one attacking me that I couldn’t see at all, managed to out run it somehow though


The spell pillars in highsteppe around the fellowship area do not put the spells into your book when you put it on the pillars


Were you a runemage at the time? They will only display if you are in the runemage class currently.


I don’t remember to be honest, I will go back and try again, that might be why though


Few other minor bugs

  • You’re currently able to teleport via Runemage portals to pillars you have not yet discovered yet.
  • For me in order to view my journal I now have to snap my wrist around in a awkward way to get the compass upside down.
  • Other players Shaman totems can be picked up and knocked over but I’m pretty sure this is just client side visual thing. (Would be great if you could tell apart your totems from other players!)
  • Shaman spells collide with other players & equipment with PvP off but don’t detonate just simply fall to the ground.
  • Totems dropped on top of totems just sit there not deployed but in some strange limbo state, Please make them not collide with eachother please!


You can do this in current orbus and I wouldn’t really class this as a bug, it’s just how mage is, you can cast spells you haven’t got in your book too


Just went back as a runemage, 2 of the pillars said they added journal pages, none of the others popped up with the message and no pages were in my book


Didn’t know this! The monkey learns something new everyday :wink:


I was a runemage yesterday (I’m always only runemage) when first trying to put spells in my book. There’s a visual effect acting like it worked with each, but none of them do.


I love the monument!!! Love that the head is wearing the crown! :smile: