Beta 3 Public Event Feedback (New zones, public events, dragon races, etc)


Hi everyone! For those of you who love to explore, we now have 2 new zones to check out! You can access one through either Lamavora or through the Flooded Rainforest, and the other through the Flooded Rainforest.

We also now have 7 total public events spread throughout all the current zones, so please let us know what you think and how they worked for you.

There are also 4 new dragon races! One in the dungeon, one in Lamavora and 2 in one of the new zones.

In addition, we now have teleport pillars sprinkled through the zones. Because of the sheer number of them, only some can be teleported directly through Runemage spells, otherwise you can use pillars to teleport to any other pillar that you’ve discovered.

Also, we have a new weather system, skybox and day/night cycle tied to it, so please let us know what you think of that!


Dragon Race Track Poll

The lamavora public event seem to drop the crystals through the ground or just disappear when they land sometimes, we can’t seem to get the progress bar to go up fast enough, are we missing something?


I think it doesn’t scale correctly because it only drops 1 crystal at once and only spawns 1 monster


Got 250exp for failing, we got 3,000 exp on the defend the fence for failing in the previous beta


yeah i think the xp it’s supposed to be more than last beta but it’s actually half of that


We adjusted the XP on a number of things, a lot of it is in missions now for example (you get 8-10k for doing a mission). There will be missions for public events as well.

You should be able to earn up to 3k xp for successfully doing a public event. Given how many there are now 3k for failing them seemed too high.

Of course this is all subject to further changes, and we’d be happy to hear feedback on how you’re finding it.


While it was real easy leveling with the 2 events everyone was rushing to in the last beta, these two were surprisingly empty today and often failed due to lack of people. And the others I didn’t even discover. I guess I can’t even figure what is starting where and when without minutes of running.
I fear if people need to actively group up for them and run long distances and gather and what not it will be hard to find enough to do them, specially in the eu timezones. I’d really love to have a queue teleporting you to whatever event is starting next…


We had major issues with the crystal cave event. We were trying to collect crystals, but they kept falling through the floor. Think we best we got was 1/4 of the event completed.

Also, REALLY not sure how the event on Lavamora at the meteorite is supposed to be done. Is someone supposed to stay inside the ring to raise the bar, but the mobs have to be outside the ring? The creatures would walk all the way to a point in the ring before we could engage. Made the event seem pointless. The creatures were able to stroll in unmolested and THEN become active after a time. Was very frustrating. It was our first go, but something didn’t feel right.

EDIT: On point 1. I wanted to mention that certain crystals were below the floor for all individuals, but some crystals would fall and I’d hear 1/2 the people say “awww another went through the ground.” But for me I could see it and grab it. But most of the time those would disappear well before I could get to the objective.


Okay in the server restart happening here in a moment there should be some scaling tuning changes for the crystal event, we’ll look into the below ground thing as well.


Yeah that’s a fair point. I mean honestly maybe we need to consider how many public events we are going to add to the game in total. On the one hand I think they are really fun and I want variety, on the other hand if there are like a ton spread out everywhere going off all the time…how many people are really going to show up to them?

I think the main difference between this test and last is a) even more zones (which means people are even more spread out) and b) the dungeon is pulling people out of the world and into the instanced content.


Anyway you could make the Muski turret default to healing? It flips to damage on death, teleport, ect. It’s a rather annoying QOL thing.


I’ll have a fix for that in the client side build later tonight.


Can you make that it’s also default to healing when you log in too?


Basically the way it’s going to work now is it will just always be at the last thing you had it set to, even after you close the program and re-open it.


The public event at Bedouin camp felt very overtuned, we just got wiped out so badly, lots of stuff spawning and not enough time to take them out before the next lot spawn, might have been an issue that we didn’t have a tank but it just felt a bit too much


i get a issue my controller drift to the ground ever time in reborn and does not happen in orbus its very annoying playing different classes when my left hand go to the ground im on the oculus


I got gold on Sky High dragon race without even doing it, not sure how this happened


There was a bug before where the lich king race was counting towards sky high, this could be it if you ran it earlier in the day


@Riley_D Not sure if there’s a bug/exploit on the public events that allows AFKers to gain XP, but I saw a bunch of people doing it, but there’s been one player hanging out at the HIghsteppe gate event all day.


Theres a built in depreciation of participation (Kyle can explain it better as he is the one that implemented it) but essentially if you are not actively participating in the event (doing damage, killing mobs,collecting items, etc) during the event then you wont get any participation points, so going AFK next to them will not do anything for you, and only hitting one mob (or collecting one crystal) at the start of the event then taking the headset off also will not give you credit.