Beta 3 Public Event Feedback (New zones, public events, dragon races, etc)


Just wondering, what are the Dev best times on Flying High dragon race, the best on the leaderboard so far was 1:36 which is @Shiki Master of dragons, but Gold requires 1:30, did you base that off your best time? or just set it wrong? or are we just missing something? The best I got was 1:40 and ended up turning it in on Silver cause I was so close to level 20


Oh yeah, forgot to report it.
So on Flying High at about 2/3 of the course there are a couple golden rings and speed boosts which are too low compared to the rest of the rings. With those rings it would be totally possible to get 1:30 but they need to be placed higher, i even tried to miss some higher rings to start flying down sooner but still i was higher than those rings…


The Catapult event seems very overtuned, the elite killed my catapult before I could even get it half way down


we just tried that catapult event again with 5 people and it was still not possible to clear. I believe that the catapult might be bugged for vive users too as I was unable to move or shoot with it after grabbing it.


Just to be clear on the mechanics, you are have to grab it with both hands (this is not represented well in the model and we are working on tweaking the model to show this visually better) and once the witches shield is down with the crossbow you will want to have everyone at the event attacking her with their weapons. Is this what was happening and still couldn’t complete the event? It is entirely possible that the event is overtuned just wanted to make sure everyone’s on same page before making any changes.


The 1st time we tried, I was trying to kill the elite with the crossbow.

The second time, someone else was taking out the shields with the crossbow and I was attacking the mobs (on my level 20 ranger) they still killed the crossbow super quickly, it was over in 1-2 minutes


Did this with me and one other person earlier, spawn rate of crystals was a lot better and we were able to complete it, still had some go under the ground though


Defending the gate - The fence defence
We completed it and only got 1000 EXP and 20 DRAM? Somehow it triggered a failure even though we killed all the mobs right until the end.

Throwing crystals in the portal - Just did this event with 5 pugs and we lost the event because one or two ads spawned every time and our dps was fairly low. Not sure if the ads health had scaled properly but we only had 50% completion when the time ran out even though we were throwing crystals in the portal every time. Nobody was afk. Everyone was participating.


I just soloed the Bedouin Camp public event as a level 20 ranger, just to see if I could more than anything and it seemed well balanced, also, did it as a group yesterday and we manged to do it, just wanted to leave feedback to say this one seems good and balanced well as a solo dps or a group of people


I totally love the new purple trees and the blue-ish zone with the flying rocks, also the scattered villages etc. are really nice. Only thing which is less divers are the rock-types surrounding areas, they still look mostly all same. I counted 3 types, one is the prevailing grey highsteppe-type, then there’s cool cubes, but only in a small area and another smaler area is surrounded by some kind of regular-mountain brownish-ones.

Sky: It looks really nice and natural with the clouds and all!
Water: Still not fond of it, it’s barely moving and in a rather unnatural way… colors look strange as well.
Foliage/resources: Could be much more, either I missed something playing on low, mostly, but even on ultra most of the grounds seem plain flat. Walking and walking and walking until you finally find your next mob/resource/critter spot (these especially are like hide-and-seek) will likely not be so much fun if it has to be done regularly.

Also something is off with the lightning, for a long time both areas were all pink for me like an endless sunset.


Yeah I noticed the pink fog too lmao


The pink fog was indeed the sunset, we’re probably going to work on the colours of it haha.


We just tried this with a big group, atleast 8-10 people and we got wiped out so hard, I think it might scale too high for bigger groups? Once the witches spawned, it went down hill fast


light spell does not affect area. tried in the dungeon and it didn’t help with the dark areas at all.


Might well be! Actually one of these events I did with only two today with no issues whatsoever (I think also in that area, but the other one where only stafrusher came to fences); the wipes I experienced was in the starting area, the oddest with mostly low levels and literally no progress at all and it did not seem we threw back too few shards or killed the spawning mobs slowly.


It seems the marker pistols texture is a flat pink and when you grab them from your belt you hold them upsidedown. When you shoot a Bow we noticed a glitch where others see the bow and arrow shooting 180 degrees off from target.

Totems can be picked up by non caster and only affects that characters screen but they clone the asset by moving it and it sticks arround longer than standard totems.

Paladin books interact negatively with compass.


@Rickness_Voidwalker @Shiki I got the Flying High dragon race down by using a “smart” method still grabbing those 2 rings, but this only gives you a time of 1:33 so yeah it is still impossible to get gold.


I just found some new or old area only today… likely a part of Lamavora, but not even sure on that; and i’m very sure I can’t really figure how to get there, again. My sense of orientation is especially crappy, but others also had difficulties finding areas with just the compass.

I would really like to see more SIGNS or SIGNPOSTS (like in the old game), outside, but also inside highsteppe - every freakin time I need to turn in a critter quest I am unable to find Pierre, running around in circles :joy:; same with the player house, it all looks same, a simple sign outside would help.

Now with the huge overworld areas it is even worse, mostly it is pure luck that I end somewhere where I have to do something… now with time the names of the portals will also be remembered and hopefully tied to some maps, but right now it is pretty much running around randomly or in circles and for me signposts just work way better than the compass to fix that.


My feedback is: I like the different background musics! They are fitting to their area and it adds really a lot to the game! :+1:

And I don’t know if those are new or not, but i really liked the area with the floating stones and the one where the swans are! Nice work! Those two have something different about them… they are not so closed with huge walls/trees/rocks maybe?


Signs would definitely be helpful, noted. :slight_smile: