Beta 6 Mission and Leveling Curve Feedback

Hi everyone, we would like to hear how you feel about the leveling experience now in this beta.

The main change from last beta with regards to the missions is the level 25+ missions are available, you now have access to 2 weekly extra missions starting at level 5 from each NPC, and there are a couple of new missions for very low levels.

In general, if you have the chance to start a new character from level 1 that would be the best gauge for the leveling curve, of course, but any feedback is welcome!

Made a new character, currently have level 5, have missions for the wasteland and the 3rd dungeon which feels far too soon

Experience as a new character, first 1-2h in:

  • I got lost in Highsteppe, again… didn’t really see where the player house sign pointed, went 2 times to the other side of the tree, finally ported home to find it. Other than that, signs are helpful.
  • Some missions are very short, feel like I only had to shoot like 5 critters for gold (plz keep that for the Beta, it infringes with my work else to get the achievement :wink: )
  • getting 5 or 7 xp from monster kills, only because there’s other players around, while just standing there at the event and it’s 2k makes me cry!
  • getting killed by a pack of imba-health-fawns(!!), thinking about nothing bad, too!
  • at the beginning no one wanted to give me any quest, ran around HS and it looked from the icons like they had quests yet they did not, took a while to realize there’s really only a single one and the truffles
  • couple of severe bugs like all houses in HS disappearing when trying to enter (go to graveyard fixed that) etc., dead bodies of mobs not vanishing, will collect and post them elsewhere

Edit, after 4-5h: Leveling to level 11 was not much of an issue, now I’m a bit stuck since main things I got left is dragon quests - which make me nausea-ish, I’d like to skip most of them - and quests I need a group for.
Now the problem is, if we want to skip a whole category like fishing or group quests or dragons it seems like it’s back to monster grinding. Which still give only a fraction of what quests would give, so all that’s left then is the events…

  • Some quest description are totally cryptic for new players. What is the old castle (or fort)?! Some I figured must be events, but only because I played the last beta. What means “all” the mobs around highsteppe, what? Are you aware these respawn, that was my first thought… :smiley: Salvaging: There was something about dram, but I didn’t understand how I even earned my gold status, sorry, what?
  • Percentages: well, I wished we had numbers instead, what I do is kill or catch a mob/critter, look how much it gives, then constantly do the maths… but why.
  • The only “clear” quests for me are, so far, kill 5 stafrusher, 2 of these, 3 of these, but they are rare, the rest is a constant lookup and unnecessary maths.
  • As already mentioned, some areas appear way too early, I got wastelands and lamavora with, like, level 5? Catching squirrels came after lamavora and those are right in front of HS.
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I find really annoying that quests you unlocked 5 levels ago give you much less xp, i’m guessing you did it for people who will start at lv20 but who starts at lv1 will see a significant cut on their xp from about level 8 if they don’t complete immediately the newer quests (at least that’s what happened to me on my fresh character), why not setting it at 10 levels of difference so new players won’t get affected by it?


So just to be clear, you’re Level 11 and now you’re waiting to unlock further missions in the categories you want to do? (So this is just a temporary dry spell) Or you are Level 11 and you have a Level 30 class and you are totally out of missions?

there is both not enough quests and the game still feels like to much of a grind, 4 hours in on an alt and at lv 8 the game feels so slow to level it becomes boring, trying to get to level 30 does not seem like something fun at all

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At level 8 you’ve run out missions to do from NPCs?

I’m level 14 so far, in around 5 and a bit hours, still have some quests to do in all categories, haven’t done any of the fishing or battlegrounds ones yet, got some group ones left to do in the dungeons but ran out of time before I gotta go due to working during the week, the lich king dungeon seemed overtuned but @Asmund_T is going to post about that in the other thread as I have to go

Yes as well as the exp amount just felt slow

the dungeon 3 quest is duplicated on the halls, there is no quest for airship atm.

Edit. i heard from atropos that the quest is there but it is a level 21 quest? why the hell is the level 20 dungeon a level 21 quest. that makes NO SENSE

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I just hit level 9 and have had a TON of missions. I’ve got nowhere near finishing all of them and leveling has been quite fast for me. Note this is a fresh character, so I’m not getting the extra quests from having a level 20 class.

I have been playing for about 6 hours and only trying to lvl my 20 character. So far I have reached lvl 23. I don’t really mind the pacing as I still have plenty of missions I can complete if I wished to do them. What I find more irritating is not knowing what I need to be looking for / where to find them. Pictures of the monster / enemies in our book (maybe after killing one), I think, would go a long way toward making them easier to identify. Some of the monsters are just to similar, in my opinion, to tell the difference between them. I think you were going for same type of monster but in a different region which gets confusing if I don’t get credit for that type just because it is not in the right area (maybe).

Kind of hope wildlife quests are added to the missions with the critter capture person.
The added wildlife in the over-world is great and much appreciated.

Not sure where to add this part but some of the text in the book is to small and hard to read. It almost seems like you were trying to fit as much info on one page as possible.

Add a title page for each sections when one clicks on the quill or other tabs. This will help identify what you are looking at when you are flipping through the book.

were you doing all of the quests or just the ones lvl 20 + ? I opted to use the lower than lvl 20 quests to give exp to a different class, so i can gauge leveling on just what i would have had at that level. It takes about 8 quests to get from 20 to 21. there are only 5 level 20 quests. that i can do.
obviously this means that i would need to grind 3/8 of a level from lvl 20 to 21. Since this number includes the 2 level 20 dungeon quests i get, after level 21, i think i can assume that there is only 4 quests per level… which means half of my exp would need to come from grinding… I believe that to be unacceptable levels of grinding.

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It is an unacceptable level of xp-scaling if you have to do all of the quests from all of the vendors to level. There are some, like Xicor and myself, who cannot or will not do quests from certain vendors (e.g. dragon racing, battlegrounds).

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it seems to me that these are all quests you would think they would want you to keep doing . i dont see why they cant be repeatable. Why would the chef ever stop needing fish to serve the city. I should be able to grab those quests over and over again.

Okay, so I was all ready to say “it only takes 5 missions to go from 20 to 21” but then I realized, that is true if you are getting a Gold rating on them but not Silver or Bronze. Do you usually do them to Gold or just Bronze/Silver before turning them in?

Yeah we really need to work on that for sure.

I did all quests as I really didn’t know which were lvl 20+. I still have plenty and I don’t like fishing or the dragon racing so that leaves kills, events, critters, and PvP. I don’t personally feel like I am grinding like I did in old Orbus (at times, not always). The progression could be a little faster but I am personally Ok with it taking a little longer to reach the higher levels. I will say that some, maybe many, need to be completed as a group and can not be soloed which may account for my slow progress.

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It might be that the level 20, massive mission drop is skewing things, but I feel like the missions may lack a feeling of “doing”. I’m not sure what the Bronze/Silver/Gold thing is supposed to accomplish, design-wise, but it seems to muddy the sense of accomplishing something.

Perhaps it’s just the quests without clear goals (e.g. kill quests without target counts) or the unclear and arbitrary tiers (e.g. Sorceror quest can be completed without killing a single sorcerer, if you don’t mind only silver).

Also, there needs to be a level/rank/icon/something with the missions besides the main icon, to differentiate them. When they’re ready to turn in, there should be a bronze/silver/gold badge next to them.


Yes, this is a fresh character. As for categories, since I don’t pvp I skip the battlegrounds (which btw makes the note about new quests useless; it could perhaps list the vendors which have them, too?). I skip fishing which I lack time for in the beta.

If then also dragon races are skipped and those requiring a group - not only dungeon one’s, I fail some in the overworld too - then you slowly run out, specially with the xp drop. It’s clear it’s not intended to skip that much, I might get to dragons or fishing next week and decipher the one or other left where I am not sure what it is about, but by then these lower quests are useless xp-wise which is a real flaw.

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