Beta 6 Paladin Feedback

Let us know what you think of the new Paladin changes and talents!

  • The Paladin Super Ability, Lay on Hands, has been added to the game. After triggering the Super Ability by pressing both Triggers, hold the Grip button for 1 second on your off hand to engage Lay on Hands. This is a massive self-heal for the Paladin.
  • The Paladin’s Taunt ability has been shifted to the Libram of Blessing, while the Paladin’s Call Lightning ability now provides a short 1.5-second buff which greatly increases the amount of damage the Paladin will resist, intended to be used for Tank Buster attack defense.
    *The Paladin now generates energy more efficiently, but resists less damage overall.
  • The Paladin’s talents have been added to the game:
    • Blessing of Attack: Increase the buff of your Libram of Power by 5%.
    • Blessing of Encouragement: Your Libram of Blessing effect is increased by 10%.
    • Libram of Protection: Your next Libram of Healing increases your energy generation and damage resistance by 5%.
    • Libram of Assistance: Your Libram of Healing will now heal the most injured friendly target within 8 meters.
    • Defensive: Lay on Hands gives you a 50% Armor buff for 10 seconds.
    • Generosity: Your Lay on Hands can now heal other players by touching them when activating it.
    • Hammer of Retribution: Your hammer now has an additional offensive capability when pulling the Trigger while pointing at a target.
    • Hammer of Forgiveness: Your hammer now has an additional healing capability when pulling the Trigger while pointing at a target.
    • Plea of Protection: Once every 30 seconds you can raise your off hand into the air to be granted a 25% increase to damage resistance and energy generation for 10 seconds.
    • Plea of Divinity: Once every 10 minutes you can cast Plea of Divinity on an ally. If the target dies while blessed with Plea of Divinity, they will auto-resurrect with 20% health.

The paladin book’s tends to stick to the hand wen you grab it and want it to activate, big problem.

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You really should add that to the book as well. I will admit I did not read the forum properly and I found it very hard to keep agro :-o

After playing paladin up to level 17 yesterday, I found a few things about it

  1. Every time I used a book it would get stuck in my hand, and would then sometimes make the books model disappear from my hip, or even opening at my hip making the hit box bigger

  2. Items still get in the way of grabbing books

  3. Paladins need a way to do more dps solo like a warrior does, towards the later part of the night I was soloing tear things, and fighting one pack of 3 would take 5+ minutes

  4. The protection buff now has the exact same problem that the taunt used to have, which makes it unusable. If I want to utilize it I would have to not use my hammer raise at all until a tank buster( and going by the length of the protection cool down they will be spaced out widely) and without my hammer raise there is no way for me to hold agro

  5. Paladin still needs some sort of active agro generation, because if I am just face tanking a boss and it’s hitting me I can hold agro, but if it gets stunned or does a log aoe animation the orbs from my hammer raise are not enough to hold agro

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Try being a muskie… :frowning:

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The compass sticks right in the face and the belt items colliding with the books even when weapon is unsheeted

with a good mage in the party unless u have 3+ mobs hitting you at once a paladin cannot hold agro. The paladin is missing 2 major ways of gaining agro that warriors do have. Warriors have provoke, and their shield which both give massive agro to them. paladin have neither, making them equivilent to trying to small shield wound to hold agro, except small shield wounding is better because it does more damage


it needs to gain agro on hammer through or damage block, lightning and empower book are not enough

I also found my paladin losing aggro quickly. Cycling only the libram taunt and groundslam (the most aoe-intensive aggro gens), I lost aggro on almost every fight, even when I was building up aggro to start and even when people were pacing themselves. There’s just not enough generation of aggro to keep up with damage from others.

Also, the placement of the librams and placement of belt items causes severe interference. Worst offenders for me were potions and dragon treats, but everything did have the same issue. Please for sure move either the librams up or the belt items on paladin back or something.

As far as sticky-hands go, I found myself sometimes with a libram stuck in hand; if possible, please don’t enable the sticky hand feature on librams. There’s no point in us holding onto it after use, but sometimes we go just over the timer for sticky hands before we throw it out (when we’re doing something else like running or fighting).

That should be fixed as of the last patch…was it happening to you recently?

I didn’t see a patch go out in the last couple hours, but that’s when I’ve been playing the paladin (since roughly 8:30 CST). I don’t recall the last time that happened specifically, but it was in there.

Sticky hands on librams is definitely gone.

I am still picking up items from my hip when I’m going for librams - please definitely move something around!

The paladin has a hard time doing dps in solo fights, to the point that against groups of stafrage and stafrasters, by the time I kill one of them the prior group respawns ontop of me. With me overleveled and geared with +1 dungeon gear, fully buffed with potions.

Edit: I also think the buffs to paladin threat gen were good. I mostly kept my aggro successfully on single target and multi target groups, which was a great improvement from yesterday

So you mentioned last beta, you were looking to create a risk vs reward dynamic. I’m having a hard time seeing where that is. Obviously there’s the risk that you max out your pips and take more damage, but you can trivialize that just by dumping all your pips. All you have to do is wave your wrist around in the enemy’s face, or drop your hammer inside of them.

And on the other end, what’s the reward for keeping at high pips? Teleport and stun certainly are important to keep ready as a tank, but those only require 1 pip. Meanwhile the ground slam requires the most pips, but is the least important. Yeah it lets you do a lot more damage, but damage is not really the class’s main focus. Maybe I’m missing something and the ground slam gives lots of aggro? In which case yeah I can definitely see where the risk vs reward comes in.

I’m interested in hearing other opinions.

Ground slam generates AOE aggro. Not a full taunt like the libram, but still good for holding sets of mobs

The paladin lvl 30 talent for rezzing seems to be broken, I got it to work once when I had just turned 30, but haven’t gotten it to activate since. Iv tried swapping and turning back my talents as well.
Also, the cool down resets on death, or atleast the icon for it does

Ground slam generates AOE aggro. Not a full taunt like the libram, but still good for holding sets of mobs

Is that just for groups? For single targets, does it work any better than just normal attacks?

For single targets, I think it still has slightly more aggro gen than a single hit with empowered hammer, but less aggro than the equivalent three hits with empowered hammer. From what I’ve experienced, anyway

for the paladins shared librum healing it will only heal ur team mates you urself are at 100% health, regardless of everyone elses health. so it will heal me when i am at 99% and my friend right next to me is at 1%

Good catch, we’ll check it out.

Libram got stuck again…