Beta 6 Patch 2.90

A new patch will be going out shortly on both the client and server with the following changes:

  • Runemage
    • The radius of the Arcane Explosion spell has been fixed to more closely match the actual visual of the spell effect.
    • The amount of damage granted by the DoTs generated by the Affliction talent has been re-worked. Now the initial damage of your spell has been reduced, so that it is never more beneficial to use, for example, an Affliction Fireball spell instead of an Affinity Fireball spell on a single target. Instead, Affliction damage will now heavily favor group content and spreading DoTs.
    • The amount of DoT from Fireball and Frostbolt Affliction spells has been adjusted such that the level of the spell now makes a difference. Fireball 1 will do a little less than before, Fireball 2 about the same, and Fireball 3 a little more DoT than previously. (Similar tweaks to Frostbolt as well).
    • The maximum targets to which an Arcane Explosion will spread DoTs is now 5.
    • True Affliction will now only spread up to 1 stack of each debuff for a given Runemage to the other targets. Multiple Mages attacking targets can still spread multiple stacks of debuffs.
    • The buff from the Affinity Frost effect now increases the duration of DoT effects by 20% (up from 10%).
    • The Emboldened and Contamination debuffs can now stack.
    • The debuff from the Affinity Affliction effect now causes the same Weakness effect as the Scoundrel and Muskteer.
    • Triplicity will no longer apply to Arcane Explosion
  • The Weakness effect from Scoundrel, Musketeer, and Runemage now stacks up to 2 times on a target.
  • Paladin
    • The Hammer of Retribution and Forgiveness talent abilities will now never use up energy unless they are actually going to successfully hit a target.
    • When you put your Hammer away, your Librams will now also be stowed.
  • Reduced the distance at which you need to raise the sword to trigger the Warrior talent abilities.
  • The Shaman’s Super ability Ghost Wolf will now correctly scale up to the Shaman’s level.
  • Bard Smart Heals will now always fire, even if they are healing full targets.
  • Musketeer hit visual effects should now be more responsive.
  • The maximum number of targets affected by the Scoundrel Spread effect is now 5.
  • Scoundrel bullets should now no longer collide with some parts of the firing player’s hitbox.
  • Fixed a bug which caused the first boss in the Airship dungeon to incorrectly stop attacking as soon as it attempted to do its first tank buster.
  • Fixed a bug in the second boss in the Airship dungeon which caused the projectile line attacks to a) not be as wide as intended leaving gaps, and b) not randomize their starting position properly. Also tuned some mechanics to be a little more difficult in shard dungeon runs.
  • New Warrior characters will now start with the Small Shield equipped.
  • Updated some missing icons for weapons.
  • Corrected legendary drop rate in shard dungeons.
  • Corrected some fishing water tables to resolve conflicts with Minnows.
  • Moved the location of focused healthbars so that they are more toward the middle of the screen.
  • Fixed an issue with focus healthbars causing them to flicker.
  • Fixed a series of small bugs causing network errors and minor issues in the client.

The client-side patch is now available to download:

Server-side patch has also been deployed. Thanks!

Woah runemage nerfs. Living in 2020 already eh Riley?

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There’s a known issue in the current build where if you feed a pet to a non-dragon, that pet will try to attempt a dragon race. It probably will break things since it has no wing indicators and it’s not intended that you can do that currently.

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The option to enable/disable the Grip Dash movement doesn’t stay disabled.

Big changes for Runemages. I agree that Affliction was an always-pick talent, but given that multiple Affliction DoTs don’t stack on the same mob, I hope that this doesn’t too severely penalize having two affliction mages in a party together.

Hmmm…I’m not sure what you mean, Affliction, Flametongue, and Frostbite should all stack up to 3 times on a mob (from 3 different Mages). Before one Mage could end up taking up all 3 slots, so this actually should make it easier to bring multiple Affliction Mages without feeling like you are sacrificing damage.


Yeah, before there was no use to have more than one affliction mage because with DoT Spreads one mage can get 3 stacks, now there will be more of a reason to take 3 mages to a dungeons. Also, mages were way to OP :joy:.

I may be a biased runemage but getting those really fun 100+ add kills on boss 2 after kiting adds was an extremely fun thing to do. Only being able to spread 1/3 of the dots to only 5 enemies would have killed that mood. It was extremely fun to absolutly demolish a huge group. Yes it was unbalanced but fun.

This one I do get in pvp, with it a mage can 2-3 shot all classes and it was to easy to recharge. However I don’t see why we should not be able to use it in PVE as it helped immensely for dot spread. A PVP nerf would be more than justified, PVE is not as nececary.

RIP runemage …

RIP affliction…

that’s all i gotta say.

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Yeah, I mean in general it was incredibly overpowered and unbalanced when played a certain way. We hesitated to make any changes to it on the live game because we felt like a lot of the game had become balanced around that damage in groups, but there’s no reason to carry that forward into Reborn. Affliction mages will still have a very vital role to play and can seriously out-damage Affinity mages when dealing with 3+ target groups, but yeah there’s no longer going to be ability to output 100x the damage of any other class in those types of situations, it was simply too much.


I haven’t tested anything yet so I can’t really make solid statements but one thought I do feel coming back the whole time which I feel like is probably going to be true. And that is:

If an Affliction mage is better for multiple targets then that means that mage will be handy for the trash mobs in a dungeon.
Buut a dungeon also has a boss which means that mage needs Affinity.
Buuut after that boss we have trash mobs again which means the mage needs Affliction again
Buuuut another boss and back to affinity.

If that is true that means for optimal mage dps you need 4 ability reset potions with you in the dungeons and drink them which is a very concerning problem for ppl who want to be optimal XD

Just my thought.


You can get around this by having someone with affliction mage as a second class to clear trash

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Yeah I was thinking that too, but it still feels strange. You can’t be a good mage anymore in both scenarios so you need to switch classes for 1 of the two scenarios?

being able to switch talents on the fly without consuming potions every time would be extremely useful. Maybe some quest reward or reputation reward?

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There are a few MMOs that have dual spec options. You could choose between 2 builds on the fly and if you wanted to alter those, then you would need to respec. This could be done in orbus also.

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Many Mmos do this to have a trade off so that specific tree choices matter. Now for an optimal party you will need to make choices. Mage will now have 2 viable paths.

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Yes but I will be bringing potions with me in to the dungeon to change my tree choice on the fly as it stands :stuck_out_tongue: . Unless respec potions get removed that is how it is gonna be.

Yeah I mean in my ideal world, every DPS class would have two viable talents, and that’s what we’re striving for. If there is one high-level talent option that everyone takes because it is 100% always better in every possible scenario, then to me that is a failing of design on our part. So I don’t think this is a unique issue with the Runemage. For example, I expect Scoundrel to have some fights where a lot of the damage is avoidable and True Gambler is a big DPS boost, and other fights where there is a lot of damage that is really hard to avoid and so it’s not a viable option, and therefore they are switching.

Again, if we’re talking about min-maxing to the extreme, pushing the hardest content, of course.

So then I guess the question is, should we make it easier to switch talents and either make those potions really easy to get, or let you have two pre-set specs you can switch between, and that’s definitely something we can consider.


That is definitely what I was hinting at. I love to be able to switch talents very fast. adding 4 extra weight to me seems a bit fiddly. Maybe unlocking talent switching in the game would be a good way to go (some uber version of the potions that can be rebought once charges runs out or completing a quest line to unlock a ‘second tree’ setup or similar.

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