Beta 6 Patch 2.92

There’s a client and server-side patch going out now with the following:

  • Attempted to fix some inconsistency with how far you have to draw back the bow to deal damage as a Ranger.
  • Fixed bugs surrounding Public Events not spawning in multiple gates and other elements properly, could also have been causing general networking errors.
  • Fixed mobile mutation affecting adds on the Sewer Rat boss fight.
  • Fixed a bug which could sometimes cause monsters to attempt to chase you to the graveyard after you died, also might have caused bosses not to reset properly.
  • Fixed a bug causing some event beacons not to show up properly.
  • Fixed Warrior Shield Leech talent not being selectable in some cases.
  • Added some additional tutorial steps to explain the player journal better.
  • Tutorials will now display on each new character rather than by device, so if you have a friend play Orbus on your account they can now see them.


Note that you must get the client side patch before reconnecting, or your game won’t work properly.

A server side patch is going out shortly with a few more tweaks to Affliction:

  • When you have True Affliction selected, your Affliction 2 DoT spell will have a reduced duration, but an increased damage per tick. Affliction 1 has increased duration, but the damage remains the same.
  • The duration of the Frostbite DoT has had its duration increased by 1 second to 9 seconds.
  • The duration of Arcane Ray in-between when the spell ends and when you are able to cast again has been shortened.
  • The damage of the initial impact of Fireball and Frostbolt for Affliction has been increased.

With this change, it should be possible for fast-casting mages to get a rotation going of Affliction 2, Frost, Fire, Ray, Fire, Ray, repeat. Based on some quick modeling, this should allow you to have around the same DPS as a non-Affinity Fireball/Frostbolt/Affliction rotation, and then obviously you will have much higher damage when spreading these DoTs to multiple targets. In addition, slower-casting mages may actually find that the Affliction single-target DPS offers an advantage thanks to the slow-and-steady damage of Arcane Ray leading to less need for rapid casting. At this point I think we’re pretty happy with how this looks and we’ll be looking (along with other classes and talents) to see what sort of real-situation damage there is in dungeons and raids and then tweaking further if needed.

It still isn’t fixed, here’s a screenshot to explain it better
This is the drawback i get with the same movements i was doing in orbus to get the a full drawback

Okay, I mean I really don’t know what else to say other than, coding-wise it is the same calculation and the same value. So I have no idea why it would feel different now than in the old game. How far off do you think it is? Like, you’re having to draw back just an inch or two farther than before, or what?

It’s entirely possible that this is just a result of the bow models changing, or the fact that we have better/faster detection of hand position now, or who knows what else. I can see if there’s some wiggle room to push it a little closer to how you think it was before, but all I can say for certain is that as of this patch it’s definitely not a coding change.

hmm… i havent noticed anything different on oculus.

maybe it is based on the hand size change?

I noticed a change as well when i was playing ranger. I have played ranger for 3 years now, and now the motion feels completely different and foreign, and i dont thing think a week of playing paladin is going to throw it off

have u checked if the arrow reach distance is different now? or bow positioning?

You mentioned on another thread the max drawback is 0.45m, could you try decrease it by 0.1? I think that will put it pretty close to how it was before (i know you didn’t change it but that may solve the issue anyway)

I tried the hands but they don’t affect it, do you play precision? If so you probably didn’t notice it because you draw it further anyway and don’t need to do close movements

The “hotspot” for notching the arrow is the same size, yeah.

Honestly the only thing I can think of that’s happening here is either the new bow models are like “thinner” which is just throwing some sort of visual issue at you all messing with it, or in the old system the hand tracking wasn’t as good, and so if you were literally doing it so fast that you were able to like pull back, release, and like move your hand a certain way, where it “snapshotted” your hand at was different than it is now, or something like that.

My concern with changing the drawback distance is that is going to affect aiming as well for Precision shooters.

Just to be clear you are just drawing it back as far as you are “used to” and then firing and then just noticing the damage isn’t as “maxed out” as you think it should be? Whereas in the old game you felt like that distance was resulting in “max damage”? It might be we can just leave the aiming alone but then just make it so that if you haven’t drawn it back as far you aren’t penalized as much damage-wise or something.

Would it be possible to make that change only if you choose the rapidity talent? So it wouldn’t affect the aiming for precision

i dont know how that would affect the aiming. it already uses the hand position instead of the bow position anyway. if you overdraw, the aiming goes super wonky really fast. Obviously i’m not the best ranger in the game, but i feel like it would be better to have the angle be based on the draw point , completely ignoring your other hand. (if you overdraw, it still has the same angle as it did before you overdrew).

The reason i say this is that currently if you move your hand ‘off to the side’ of the bow (top or bottom), it will shoot off in a strange way. on a normal bow, you usually have a notch on the bow itself that prevents any situation like this. it ALWAYS shoots straight ark from the front of the bow. If you draw the string at a strange angle, the arrow will just fall off.

I would probably prefer not to mess with the aiming at all. Is this accurate?

that is correct, and even without shooting it i can see the arrow is not at full drawback (like the screenshot i posted above)

Shiki, I don’t think the graphical distance that the bow is drawn back ever had anything to do with that. For example, in old orbus, you could stretch your arms all the way apart, and it would dramatically increase your firing distance, even if the graphics on the screen showed the bowstring hand stop moving well before that.

that is correct for the distance, but the damage varies with the drawback and caps when the arrow stops.

Are you around right now? If so hop into your Player House and do some attacks against the dummy. I made some changes to the damage calc to require less drawback. Also it will give me some logging on what you are doing so I can see. Just try to do like 10 seconds straight of what you would typically do.

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Tried a bit, the damage looks fine. I could do consistent damage except a few shots, thank you!

Okay, that should take effect in any new dungeon runs but won’t take effect in the Overworld until we roll out the next patch (probably tomorrow morning).

I just lowered the minimum drawback distance required for max damage a bit, shouldn’t really affect Precision at all.

all player proctiles are still 100% invisible to other classes