Beta 6 Patch 2.93

A patch will be going live shortly on server and client with the following changes/bugfixes:

  • Fixed a bug which was sometimes causing Mage rays (including Arcane Ray) to tick for one less tick than intended during high server load.
  • Added many new in-game Achivements for things like rep rewards, battleground captures, 30+ level-ups, and more. You may receive some of these immediately the next time you login.
  • Updated Archer to provide better handling of weak points. Weak points should now hopefully not get stuck. If they still do please let us know (note: requires both client and server side patch).
  • Fixed a bug causing Ranger damage to not add 10% with the Arrow Sight talent when > 30 meters away.
  • Tweaked Ranger minimum draw-back distance for damage calculations.
  • Potion max spoil times have been increased; most are now 48 hours or more, one potion is still 24 hours.
  • Fixed bugs causing other players to not have their attack effects re-enabled and appear as ghosts (hopefully).
  • Fixed a bug which was causing Scoundrel to still hit a part of their own hitbox.
  • Fixed a bug which could cause Musketeers to hit parts of themselves, although it may be that we just need to decrease the overall “radius” of their own-hitbox.
  • Updated Warrior and Ranger talent descriptions to better match tweaks made server-side already.
  • Fixed several errors/issues with the Transmog station which were causing crashes inside the Player House.

Is there any way we will be able to see a list of achievements that we have got?

Yes we are working on an in-game way to view the available ones and the ones you have unlocked.

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The server-side patch is now live, we are still working on baking the client-side one, but it should go out in about an hour.

One note, on the Ranger weak points, while they are getting stuck less frequently we are still seeing some issues around those, and are going to keep working on fixing it fully, so just a heads up.

For Scoundrel I’ve noticed 2 hit box issues with shooting

  1. if you’re moving/teleporting while shooting you seem to very frequently hit your hitbox (as in your gunshot launches past you from your old position and does weird things)
  2. if stationary, trying to move gun side to side there’s a chance of hitting your hitbox

Would this patch impact both, or should I focus on one or the other

It should definitely impact 2, hopefully 1 as well but if not just let us know and we can take a look.

Client side patch is now available as well. Thanks!

hmm I’ve black screened twice logging in then died to a mob… then was a ghost in the sky, managed to return to graveyard, now live in the sky… go to graveyard takes me there still. Hands don’t show up but I can press menus with invisible fingers. Gun doesn’t show up but cards do if I draw gun.

tried a logout/login by fumbling but came back to black screen, tried to cookie TP to player house, still black screen

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What is the name of your character? Stay logged out and I will fix you.

its fixed after a windows reboot oddly

Oh okay. Are you the one who sent in the output log for “stuck under ground”?

yep! that was me that sent it

So far I haven’t seen the hitbox collision, usually I’d have seen it several times by now.

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Since this patch I’ve started seeing people with red health bars rather than green

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It’s also showing people on the wrong mounts still

As a paladin I can now be one shoted by all other classes(musket excluded). While some say this evens it with other classes, that’s not true because of how the paladin is a melee class. The rest of the dps can be one shoted as well, but they are at range which makes dodging much easier, because they have the ability to dodge in all directions. This does not apply to paladin because we are melee, and if we want to fight there is only one place for us to be: right next to the enemy. Any good dps can use the moment we come into attack for a almost guaranteed hit, and then quickly retreat(I did the same against warriors when I was a ranger) this makes melee pvpers need to have more health like the warriors have, but after the nerfs paladin now long has this and can be almost immedialty killed once they move into melee range

edit: this is without full orbs

edit 2: also in PvE it seems that the damage reduction isnt = to the damage reduction from the warriors shield. I was play healer in low tier shards and i needed to do literally nothing, while when i am tanking i need a healer

have started seeing people as ghosts and with no heads etc which didn’t occur for me before this patch

so did testing, the paladin damage reduction has been completely removed in pvp, and bards take 1 3rd of my health in one crescendo

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