Beta 6 Ranger Feedback

Hi everyone, here are the changes to Ranger for this beta. We’d love to hear your feedback and how you feel about it!

  • A new mechanic has been added called “Weak Points.” These are special spots which appear on monsters approximately once every 5 seconds and provide small targets that can be hit by the Ranger’s arrows. They are unique to each Ranger (e.g. no one else will see them but that Ranger).
  • Hitting one of these spots will result in a 20% boost to the damage of that arrow, including Piercing Arrow and Charged Shot damage.
  • Hitting an enemy with a Charged Shot will also create a weak spot; hitting an existing weak spot with a Charged Shot counts as both hitting that original weak spot AND immediately generating and hitting an additional spot (so essentially “two for one.”)
  • The Ranger no longer holds a standard arrow in their off hand. Instead. simply bringing your open hand close to your bow and pressing Trigger will automatically cause you to have an arrow to use. You still grab special arrows like normal. This allows Rangers to grab loot and use potions in their free hand.
  • Ranger hit detection has been totally re-worked following the new mechanisms introduced for e.g. the Scoundrel. You will find that hits are more accurate now, no longer collide with invisible boxes, and generally feel more responsive.
  • Introduced two new Level 30 Ranger talents; Critical Aim: Increases the radius of Weak Points, and hitting a weak point from 40+ meters away deals +50% damage instead of +20% damage; Needler: Passive weak points appear every 3 seconds instead of 5, and if you hit a spot within the first second of it appearing, the bonus is increased to 35% damage.
  • The damage of Rain of Fire has been increased by 25%.
  • The damage of Piercing Arrow has been increased by 10%.
  • The damage bonus available from globes has been increased by approximately 14%.

You can’t grab stuff on your belt with your free hand, it doesn’t show when you have your bow out so now you have to put your bow away to do it

The special arrows now are high that sometimes i grab them when i try to grab the compass

I recall before people would be fighting a boss (which are somewhat larger) and I’d see them bending down to find their arrows, or to see if they’d respawned to help keep up their rune rotations. So clearly they seemed a bit low before…

Maybe adjustable is the right answer :slight_smile:

Some things with the ranger targets:

  1. some of them get stuck forever
  2. do they scale in size with the boss? even at 27m, i can only hit them with 50ish % accuracy. they are really small.

Could you send an output log when you notice one get stuck?

As for the size, I’m keeping an eye on how hard they are to hit for players. A 50% hit rate at 27m seems pretty good to me. Unless you are a god among mortals, I don’t think someone should get a ~100% hit rate from that far. At level 30, you do have the option to choose a talent that doubles the size of the weak spot and do more damage when you hit it from 40m+ away. So if you like playing far back, that talent will help you hit those spots easier.

As for the 40m threshold for damage, I chose 40m to keep it inline with the other long range Archer talent. But I’m keeping an eye on that value also to see if I should reduce the range needed also. 40m is preeetty far.

the problem is that we are always at 30+ m… some ppl even go to 40+ m. at that distance, they are specks.

my experience in raids when people really focus on DPS is that you either stand in the heal well in the spot, or you die. Maybe the new raid system won’t be quote so limiting, but people don’t generally go much further than it requires to get orbs and are often backing up awkwardly to even maintain those in dungeon settings.

if you pick up your special arrow and then grab a different item/arrow, your first arrow dissapears until you log out. It also randomly dissapears on its own.

If you start a dragon racing as a ranger you will see your special arrow’s effect (giant like the party invite bug) the whole time even if you didn’t have the bow in your hand

ranger orb generation is fucked up atm… you have to be way further than normal to get orbs.

The leash range on mobs seems to be shorter in reborn that either needs changing or the 40m talents need reworking or changing

hip firing almost always hits the ‘floor’. any lower than your waist doesnt matter what you are aiming at, hits the floor.

works great except for the giant invisible box at your waist, where if you shoot from your waist, you automatically hit an invisible box every shot.

Why are you hitting yourself?

Fixed it, will probably get out to you fellas in the morning!


Ranger weak points were showing up for me, on PVP targets and I think PVE, while I was Shaman. There was a Ranger in my group and I was previously (not in that fight, but early in that session) a ranger myself.

There are issues that were fixed in the main game but came back in reborn, like arrows not respawning (was fixed with the 5 seconds reset which is not in reborn) and the bow/arrow being in the wrong position after you die/change instance while pulling an arrow in the bow.

hitting the target areas seems inconsistent, since all mobs charge ‘through’ and elastic band around you you’er often shooting at your own crotch area to find a target and possibly hitting nothing

  • also had piercing arrow stop respawning
  • did a world event with crystals/portal and half the time I’d grab an arrow instead of a crystal, but the crystal would disappear too… I’d have to sheath my arrow and then see the crystal again, but it would be stuck to my hand since I had released the grab button so I’d have to re-grab and release. Very confusing
  • grabbing loot or anything very frequently is a dance to not grab an arrow or a trap, it’s awkward.

Arrows still dissapearing.

Also the arrow position seems to have moved slightly? it seems much harder to grab the left arrow now

There is a glitch i have been experiencing where your arrows will not reappear on your waist, from what I can tell, no reason