Beta 6 Shaman Feedback

Hi everyone, try out the Shaman changes and additions, and let us know what you think!

  • The Shaman Super Ability, Ghost Wolf, has been added to the game. Pressing both Triggers will activate your Super Ability which summons a ghost wolf companion which will fight alongside you for a short time, dealing damage to your enemies.

  • Shaman totems can no longer be picked up after they have been deployed (this didn’t do anything other than cause a graphical error before).

  • Shaman talents have been added to the game:

    • Stunning: Your Stun Totem orb effect lasts for less time, but does increased damage.
    • Stay Put: Your Stun Totem orb effect duration is doubled.
    • Fire Consumes: Your Fireball will apply a DoT effect to enemies effected by Totemic Weakness.
    • Blazing Speed: The Shaman’s base speed is increased by an additional 10% at all times.
    • Reach: You can grab orbs off of your totems from a small distance away.
    • Longevity: Totems last significantly longer before despawning.
    • Strikes Twice: When your Lightning orb critically strikes, it instantly respawns on your totem.
    • Totemic Call: Once every 10 seconds, you can point to one of your totems and teleport to it. If you teleport at least 4 meters, you will receive a 4 second buff which increases your damage by 8%.
    • All In: The first orb generated by a totem is guaranteed to critically strike.
    • Totemic Mastery: If you throw an orb and it expires without hitting a target, it instantly respawns on the totem.

Ultimate doesn’t seem to charge for Shaman, totems keep not respawning after use until you unequip and re-equip them, status bar disappeared and didn’t return until after a relog (may have been associated to switching zones).

Any chance on making the totems spawn their orbs higher or make it variable on height? I tend to have a lot of trouble re-grabbing totems off my belt unintentionally when reaching for orbs.

Seconding the totems not respawning on belt. This seems to happen especially often with the lava and frost totems, and was not nearly as common in previous betas. My fire and lightning totems are also often either never producing orbs, or stopping producing orbs well before they should time out. Again, this is not an issue that was common in previous betas. I am also experiencing some sticky-ness with totems and orbs where they aren’t released from the hand when grip is released. Does the new sticky tool system also affect this? It is quite annoying.

Playing shaman is really frustrating because you use the grip button for so many different things which are all in the same general area. Grabbing totems from your belt, grabbing tools from your belt, grabbing orbs, turning on auto-run, and mounting up all use grip, and since my hands normally rest around belt level I am constantly accidentally grabbing things. I have played shaman to level cap each beta it has been released, so this isn’t something you really get used to and adapt to, it is a constant annoyance. Why not just use trigger to grab orbs and totems instead of grip? Or at least adjust the positioning of tools/totems/orbs.

Thirding the lava/frost not respawning. Also, my stun totem often stopped producing orbs. Could have been whichever totems were in the 3rd/4th slots.

Having two talents be related to one orb seems way off. It’s basically saying “use this totem or lose this talent”.

If I’m grabbing totems, I shouldn’t start grabbing my mount as well.

Stun seems to just plain not work on some enemies. Or the icon is missing.

  • experienced totems staying out but no longer generating spells
  • the ‘release grab button to launch spells from palm’ effect seems to throw totems in wonky directions at random sometimes
  • setting up totems and then having a monster charge ‘through you’ every fight gets annoying and very cord twisty
  • setting up totems to fight one mob while everybody else runs forward and kills the next three before you can try to get a spell off makes you feel like the kid brother that is being ditched :stuck_out_tongue:

I think shaman needs some sort of pull mechanic to bring monsters to him from range so he can lob globes at them and continue to use his little static base of operations

also recall that dropping totems often resulted in dropping one on top of another and the totem not reploying… just sitting there stuck in space

We’re looking into the totem issues, thanks for letting us know. Have you found any patterns or things that seem to cause it to happen in particular?


  • on the totems either not despawning or ceasing to generate spells it just seemed to happen at random
  • the placement issues were constant, if you drop a totem on a totem (which you generally do because there’s only so much space at your feet within reach) they often collide and act funny
  • the ‘launching like a spell’… not sure why that happened, grab totem with grip, release grip to throw… sometimes it launched, similar to shaman spells… it wasn’t clear to me (from game instruction) when I was going to throw vs when it was going to shoot
  • the ‘stuck where your totems are’ is just design, and definitely made worse by mobs elastic banding around or charging past you mid fight

I feel like it may relate to the ease of grabbing other things besides totems, or grabbing orbs/totems while a totem expires/respawns.

definitely could be, it’s pretty easy to accidentally grab a compass or pick for a second here and there and not really notice in the confusion

might be important to note that I’m one of the ‘fingers always pointing’ sufferers, meaning my trigger action is reversed and pulling the trigger ‘unpoints’ my finger in the beta. Not sure if that could be related to some of the grab/throw issues

I’d like to suggest an alternative level 5 talent to “stunning”, as having two talents for the same “optional” totem is very limiting:

  • Lightning Bolt - Lightning orbs are thrown/shot with 4 times the force.

Totems just hang in the air if you drop one on your dragon. Some of the flowers outside highsteppe seem to have a hitbox that they hang on as well.

I can second the bug with totems popping off in random directions. Not sure what causes it. It was happening for me outside highsteppe, but I tried reproducing it in my training room and I couldn’t get it to happen.

On the Palm shot: I was practicing the palm shot in the player house training room. My problem with it is that the game thinks my palm is pointing at a much lower angle than it actually is (on the Vive). If I angle my palm uncomfortably high, then stand at one of the far shields in the player house training room, I can get a nice shot angled about 25 degrees upward, that rolls far enough to reach the far shield. I think this works pretty well, and is a decent enough range, provided every enemys’ hitbox covers their toes.

If I try to just point my palm at whatever I’m aiming at, however, my shot fires into the floor most of the time. That’s no good.

Another sore spot I found is that when I’m standing, the totems on your belt, and the orbs produced by your totems, are all at the same height. As a result, it’s really easy to grab a totem by mistake when I want to grab an orb. In fact, it’s also easy to grab normal items on your belt as well by mistake.

Putting your hand up to your head to stow your shaman mask, instead hides your use items/gatherer.

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Totemic Call is really limited in use. The range is so short or aiming it is difficult.

Level 30 talents seem underwhelming compared to other classes.

Reach and Longevity are both wonderful and I’m torn between the choice in a not unpleasant way.

Throwing totems is fine, but you may want to consider adding Iron Manning to the totem throws as well.

Speaking of Iron Manning, I think everyone is basically in agreement: the angle orbs come off your hand needs some work. Personally, I naturally aim low and “inwards”. You can chalk it up to “practice till you get good”, but “proper” aiming involves contorting my hands in weird and difficult ways. It becomes a hassle instead of a convenience. If it stays like that, I can’t ever see myself using it unless the enemy is literally standing right next to me or inside me.

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So I tried seeing how far I could throw the shaman orbs, and wound up throwing my controller across the room. On the vive, at least, it’s pretty difficult to let go of the grip buttons without actually letting go of the whole controller.


I noticed the totems were moved away from the body slightly. I find them now getting in the way of picking up the magic orbs.

Not sure what the solution is, but every time the totems spawn back on my belt before the ones on the ground disappear, I end up accidentally grabbing one instead of the magic orb.

Hope that makes sense.

Thank you!

A few things ive noticed leveling my Shaman:
-The totems can get stuck on current totem orbs and block them from falling to the floor.
-Totem orbs can be body blocked by pets/dragons.
-When standing up the belt of totems are in the exact same spot as the orbs so could the orbs follow your height like the totems do? -this will hopefully avoid accidently picking them up.
-The stun totem wont spawn an orb every other time you place it.
-On the vive the iron man throw comes out extremely to the side and feels very awkward to use properly.

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Shaman ultimate takes WAY too long to build up. The ghost wolf currently will not attack Training Dummies either.