Beta 6 UI issues

If you initiate a trade in the world with PVP enabled, you’re stuck in that trade forever. Logging out and logging back in doesn’t help. Quitting helped, although the other player may have done something to fix it I wasn’t aware of.

Aiming in menus seems slightly off. My pointer often appears at a certain button, but it’s not clicking.

Character creation grip points are sticky and aren’t let go of until you click again. You can grab multiple grip points because of this.

At some point, I lost health/buff HUD as Shaman and could not get it back. Restarting helped.

I had a bunch of times where certain buttons couldnt be clicked in my inventory or in the rest of the ui. most times it was fixed by logging out, but some times even the logout button was broken and i had to quit the game.

the msg screen is bugged too where if you have multiple messages it will cause the back ground to go in front of the messages.

The respawn notification didn’t allow me to click it with my right hand. I always had to switch to my other hand to get it to go away.

the missions page is still resetting every few seconds and going back up to the top on the scrollbar.

wait your logout button was broken? dont tell me we will die in real life next lol

Could you add a confirmation dialog to the character edit menu/screen? I lost my free edit because I passed my controller through the ‘done’ button by accident. (Personally don’t care that much right now, but if I’d had to pay for that edit, I’d be kinda frustrated)

Also, maybe an ‘undo changes’ button to reset back to what it looked like before? There isn’t currently a ‘cancel’ button to back out of the edit screen, as far as I can tell.


Why don’t you change the being able to edit button to be something like “you are able to edit character and if you don’t edit it again within 15 mins it get locked” :man_shrugging:

I experienced

  • left hand disappearing for a few minutes multiple times (but still being able to see the ‘pointing beam’)
  • really finicky scroll bars in the menus
  • issues selecting inventory items, some would automatically unselect while trying to equip etc
  • very small lightning bolt target for opening chests
  • finger stuck ‘pointing’ so gesture menues would always fire off. Clicking the button that would normally point ‘unpointed’ (WMR)

the ‘create’ character button is still active if you are in the middl eof creating one, and is about 50/50 easy to find when trying to finish your build, which then resets it to a fresh blank character instead

  • ‘cookie’ teleporter didn’t work, did nothing
  • compass ‘team chat’ color change seemed strange it wouldn’t change color so I wasn’t sure if I was talking to group or not when testing out the chat

In the edit character screen, please remove the sticky holding and make the characters ‘naked’, so we can see hairstyles and facial features under their hats?

Edit: not sure why my phone has these problems, but when I try not to ‘reply’, it replies to the latest person and when I want to reply to someone it doesn’t do it.

the blue squares showing your class items? are drawing over top of other menus

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Was about to post that! Those 2 squares haunted me until I started my new char…
Another UI thing, Auction House Icons cover the menu once brought up:


If you complete the tutorial tasks, they go away.

getting some blue diamonds showing through the world

Those are indicators that you have maybe-maybenot lore quests at the various mission vendors.

Well they’re supposed to indicate you have missions available to get. I’m not sure if they show up for lore quests or not, I will double-check.

those are indicators that you have missions from those NPCs, there is/was a bug where sometimes after you left then returned they werent displaying properly. But the way it should work is if the noc has that blue symbol they have missions for you, and it will go away once they dont. They do not indicate if you have lore missions currently.

having issues selecting ui items, it seems like the buttons are shifted compared to their actual visual position