Beta 6 Warrior Feedback

Hi everyone, let us know what you think of all the Warrior additions and changes!

  • The Warrior’s other Level 30 Talent has been changed to Shield Leech. The Warrior can slam their shield on the ground to activate this ability; for a short time, damage done by the Warrior to enemies will both heal the Warrior and deal damage to their shield, until the buff expires or the shield becomes broken.
  • The Warrior’s Shield Slam ability has been re-worked to use better collision detection. In addition, you must now hold the Trigger button on your shield hand in order to cause the stun to occur.
  • Fixed a bug which would cause the Warrior’s Shield to stop working after death after getting hit once by an enemy.

shield bash has a 3 second CD which is way lower than it should be, sword raise doesn’t work and I didn’t have any haptic feedback from my shield in the dungeon until after I died once. I don’t know if that is something that happens every time, I’ve only done it once this beta.

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i noticed after playing my warrior and i was looking at the talents why is there 2 sheild slam ability like the sheild leech and throw down to gain buff in damage or protection and why you didn’t add the bubble sheild mechanics ftom the last beta we cound not try before i wish it was in this beta so i can test it out

i got the sword raise working by jumping in the air with my sword up

After attempting to implement it basically a) it was hard to make work correctly and b) we felt like it was going to make it too necessary to bring a warrior to every fight since it really broke a lot of the mechanics…we would have had to nerf it to being almost useless to balance it in most boss fights.

Instead we decided to give an option that gave a new reason to not just “Provoke health spam” by giving you the ability to generate health and leech it from your shield a different way. But totally open to feedback on that.

i and other warrior like myself was hopeing for the bubble sheild talent

cant choose sheild leech in battlegrounds i can olny choose throw down

The shield bubble in theory wouldn’t be that much broken if it works like the Shield orbs from a musky. If the shield only block partial damage and lasts for short amount of time, I think it would be balanced enough.

couple of issues and bugs.

  • you can’t select the shield leach talent.

  • slamming your shield in the ground doesn’t seem to proc the level 30 talent, also this is a horrible way to activate an ability, having to squat and try to hit the ground with your shield is kinda painful especially people with bad knees would probably not even be able to do it without hurting themselves.
    instead it could be just slamming your shield downward in the air.

  • Sword raise is working, but you have to get it ridiculously high above your head, I need to extend my arm fully, hold the tip of my controller and look down to move my head further away from it.

  • you can use your shield stun when your shield is broken.

  • the horn is in a weird position when you grab it making it harder to quickly use it.

  • the sword rush ability icon is just white and doesn’t show how much of the CD is left

  • shield health is fully depleted, but not broken when reawakening after death. very noticeable on airship since the trash is right next to zone in.

can only choose one not one or the other

the sword raise is not working and i cant get the sheild slam to work

Hi there, I spent my time in the Beta playing a warrior and have two questions:

  1. What is the difference between the round and large shields in game?
  2. What are the icons on the back of the shield for?


round sheild is more damage in swings less defense big sheild more defense less damage

Ahh thanks! Do you mean for shield bash or actual sword swings deal increased damage with the small shield?

sword swing more damage small sheild big sheild less damage

Thanks for the clarification! Does anyone know how much the damage increase/decrease % is for the different shields? Anyone know what the icons on the back are for?


i dont remember but i can try later tonight to see at a dummy in reborn with big or small sheild

fighting with a warrior fells some what boring now, to do the best damage possible you are limited to around 230 on impossible levelled enemies this makes fights with the buckets and small stump things found in the jungle take about 3 mins to kill. this makes a very boring fight, then add in the way they try to twist cables by going round the back of you the fight gets annoying very quickly. so far the staf frute enemy has been the only one worth going after due to it being a quicker fight and being more fun.

the exp from them currently is at a good amount with them being impossible levelled but that seems like it will slow down quickly (I do know quests are now the main way of levelling but thay only drop one or two each level and only a few are even fun to do.)


Totally agree on the cable twisting, I had to remove and untangle my HMD after every single fight which got old super fast.


Im replacing my cable this weekend because orbus gets it so tangle it got damaged

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