Beta Branch Available for Testing on Steam

Hey everyone,

There is a new branch available for testing on Steam. To access it, right-click on the OrbusVR item in your game listing and select 'Properties…", then go to the “Betas” tab and select the “beta” branch for the drop-down.

This branch uses a slightly newer version of Unity and also has some additional performance-optimizing features turned on. It doesn’t have any new gameplay-affecting features. However, I would like it if some folks could run it and make sure that there aren’t any regressions (such as new crashes that weren’t happening before) ahead of us promoting this to be the primary build for everyone. So if you are up to it, please move over to that branch and let me know what you find.

If you do run into any bugs that weren’t there before or are getting more crashes than previous (or less for that matter) please just let me know in this thread.

You can switch back to the current main branch at any time by going back to the Betas tab and choosing “none” in the drop-down.


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No crash at all in 3 hours, all good. The only thing i noticed is when hovering an item there’s no sound.

Also to go with this sound issue it seems all the chests in the house have UI sounds off

Probably ~ 1.2 hours in on beta. Crashed while trying to flip through book for first time.

rx470 4gb vram

Have you had crashes before on the main branch?

no crashes before with the main branch yet.

Loaded up the beta branch. Couldn’t press the dialogue choices at the repair lady.

Haven’t had any problems no crashes played for 4 hours.

Yesterday i played in “beta” crash not one, but 2x the Game freeze. Music and moving of the Monsters (on the spot) are still there (i can walk, and shoot) but nothing is happening, then i must log out and in again.

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I have 23 hours in the game since the 26 lol, updated to the beta branch a few days ago and it improved performance for me, before on the stable branch I could run the game at 90 fps on med settings, after I can run the game on high at 90 fps, asw is off using oculustraytool. I have never had a crash on ether the stable or beta branches. I am using the rift with room scale and the game is amazing

My system specs
I7 5820k @4.5ghz
Samsung 512gb nvme m.2 ssd
GTX 1080
16gb ram

wow that’s an impressive performance jump!

Yeah I’m really happy with the beta, for early access it’s been impressive. I just wish I would have got in when the kickstarter was happing

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I have not had a crash since moving to this version :slight_smile: about 2 hours into this build


Just FYI there’s a new build on the Beta branch that has all the changes from today’s 3.40 Patch plus the new beta features as well.

Thanks to those of you testing this out for us!

I’ll jump into the latest patch tonight and post back. Anything in particular you want people in the beta branch testing ?

No basically just testing it and making sure it’s not crashing or anything.

Is there a way to enable the beta branch on oculus or is it only available if you have the steam version?

It doesn’t look like the Oculus Store has this kind of functionality right now, so it’s only on Steam.

Just FYI, I’ve been on the beta branch since this past weekend (I think) and haven’t crashed at all that I remember.