Blackout to the vote

Walking into some things cause blackouts. This is the intended mechanic. But for me it tends to trigger by accident, or bugs.

Out of all the bugs I experience the blackout one is probably the one that annoys me the most. And it dousent even block out my screen properly, just sets a black squair in the centrer of my pimax. I’m interested in what others think

  • Blackouts work as intended
  • I get unwanted blackout sometimes
  • I get unwanted blackouts all the time
  • I have seen people abuse the blackout function in PvP
  • I would prefer the blackout system to be changed
  • I am happy with the current system.

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What blackout bug are you talking about? Are you referring to when your screen turns black and you get green dots showing the path that you just walked? If you are, then that’s not a bug. It happens when you put your head into a space that isn’t intended to be in. For example, when you try to look into some walls, rocks and bushes that have a barrier to prevent players from looking into them and getting an unfair advantage over other players.

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For me it’s just happening randomly
I’m walking and it’s like there’s a wall there

I personally think it should be changed to not block your vision, but turn it grey like when you’re dead, display a message telling you to exit the collider and leave your charterer model and hitbox outside where you entered the wall/rock/obstacle.
That way you can still see around you and isn’t limited to looking for green dots to teleport to(this never worked to well anyway) and more importantly, your player model will be hanging out outside the collider where other players can actually hit you, making it impossible to hide in (most)rocks/walls/obstacles.


I would class it as not a bug, if it workes as intended, but i keep getting blackouts at respawns, on hammer tosses, on trying to enter my house in highstep, on collecting farmables close to walls.

On falling threw the floor you now need to contact the devs unless you always have your cookie equipped. Help menu is blacked out.

You know all the times you get a black screen on logging in? This is it.


Don’t forget about random map props that have no collisions for whatever reason, blacking out your screen whenever you run through them. :clap:

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Well, only 13 voters, but so far no landslide miority…

It kind of boils down to, do the devs want us to do a bug report on every bad blackout spot, or do they want to change it the entire system?

This is a particularly bad feature when you fall somewhere in the world and can’t see your inventory to get your cookie. Why your gui/inventory/tools/body doesn’t over-render this blackness, idk. As a mage I can just tp to highsteppe by memory. Alternatively this leads to skywalking and hoping you end up somewhere you have vision.


I experience this sometimes, mostly when teleport and stuck in the rock/wall. I don’t like the feel of it but I do understand the purpose. The Climb also do the same and more annoying than Orbus. Freeze the picture may cause dizzle (I guess) so… I’m ok with the current mechanic but a message to tell user what happend would be fine like “Please move back” or “Out of Area” etc.

I don’t have an issue with the blackout system and haven’t had issues with it randomly blacking me out when it shouldn’t be. I also don’t think it stops people from going through walls though.

I think it works as intended but isn’t the best solution.

all it really stops is people in pvp being just in a wall so they can jump out on people unfairly but I don’t over world pvp and that was only a complaint back when the trickster goblin was around and people would get heated over it.

p.s. I can’t even remember why it was added?

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It was added because skywalking was added. The reason this happened is they changed the rotation to just rotate the player instead of rotating based on center of playspace.

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If I’d bin asked to solve it, I’d swap the blackout with a timer that killed you and sends you to graveyard in one go, when the timer hits 0.
No annoying blackout, and a auto resolve feature for getting stuck.

I’d probably set it at 15 sec, with a visible timer warning that pops up after 5 sec

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What does the blackout really do though? Supposed to prevent people from skywalking in stuff? Does it achieve that? If a player knows the direction you needed to go, the green dots provide them with the direction to head. I’m not convinced the blackout does anything helpful in realistic scenarios. For me, it’s only been a nuisance as I get random black screens for being too close to boulders, falling down a bugged bridge/ledge, etc. It’s not happening constantly but it’s not unnoticeable. Maybe green dots / black screen if you are severely out of bounds, but I don’t know if they can snap their fingers and make that level of change. Perhaps they could continue to draw green dots invisibly to the player, and once they stack up to like 5+ dots the player gets the black screen.

Problem with that is the way the blackout system works. It only works when you are actively colliding with a mesh, not when you’re out of bounds. So all you’d have to do is go a certain distance and then bam, you’re free. It’s quite silly if you ask me…

eh, no. the blackout system was added with reborn, skywalking was a result of them fixing player rotation which happened quite a while after reborn launch


If you fall of the map you also end up with a black screen in front of your face. I think it’s just the top world where they just haven’t added a collider to the area inside mountains and behind some walls.

Instead of just calling out reasons out of vague memories why it was added, the search bar is your friend.