Boss 5 expert down but only 2 people got a cape?


not sure if it was mentioned anywhere but i swear that i read that if we did manage to kill boss 5 on expert you would be guaranteed a cape but only 2 people in the group got it


Yeah, not going to lie, that was pretty disheartening considering we basically had to keep rolling the dice until we got a run in that had few enough bugs and other issues to pull off a win. Not sure that we’ll be able to run it enough times to get everyone a cape. (Poor Johann has never gotten a dethslatu cape, despite killing him around 10 times in various incarnations).

Any chance of putting the capes on the raid merchants but with a restriction that you can only purchase it if you’ve been in a group that defeated the boss in that mode?


I didn’t see any official source about guaranteed cape, but i feel like it should really be a thing after you manage to kill the hardest (and final) boss in the entire game through a lot of bugs. I don’t even know if we’ll run it again considering that reborn will soon make our current gear useless.


The cape has the same chance to drop off the boss at all difficulty levels, but it’s pretty high relative to other types of gear (and it is higher than 20% for sure).

For future content, would it be the preference of the playerbase that capes that are achievement-based (e.g. for boss kills and other difficult content) just be 100% drops with some type of functionality where the cape doesn’t drop if you already have it in your inventory/unlocked as a transmog skin?


I’d vote for that! :slightly_smiling_face:


In this thread, you said that if you defeat the last boss you get a cape which I guess was terribly misleading. Patch 6.85: Expert Mode Raids

“Expert Mode Raids feature twists to the existing mechanics of the raid in additional to tougher scaling in general and are meant to be incredibly challenging. They reward Level 21.4 gear, as well as a new cape if you can make it through the entire raid and defeat the last boss.”

Yes please. Not sure why this isn’t the case now. The cape is an achievement for a kill. Seems kind of silly to have to kill the boss numerous times to roll RnG on an achievement cape.


I mean, I’m not really seeing anywhere in there where it says it’s a 100% drop or a higher drop chance than the previous capes. It says it rewards Level 21.4 gear and a new cape. I would think the assumption would be it rewards it based on the drop table just like every other cape in the Raid, just like it’s not indicating that you’re suddenly getting 100% drop rate on the Level 21.4 gear, either.

At any rate, as I said, we can certainly look at making a change there for the future.


is it possible u could change it pre reborn so if people want a cape they can just wait for that patch then run it, instead of having to run it endless times since draven will want one and he doesnt believe in RNGesus


Yeah that would be nice, some people still miss a normal raid cape after many kills.


100%, yes please. It definitely feels like it undermines the accomplishment when some people get the cosmetic reward for it several times while someone else never sees it.


I think it should be like this too, I did however really like the tradu cape quest, it’s still one of my favourite looking capes and have put a lot of time helping others get it as well, would be nice to have a hard grind quest similar to the tradu one for future raid for a more prestigious cape for those that want to put extra effort in without getting done over by RNG bull


Absolutely. Having a bunch of different sources for different capes is cool, and I think something you need to work towards incrementally is a totally valid option. But for big accomplishments that many will neither do, or do once, like world bosses, raid bosses, etc, taking RNG out of it seems like the way to go.


This is partly my fault. When I read into that comment I had thought that the segment saying “if you beat the last boss you will be rewarded with a cape.” I’ve been spreading the 100% idea based off of that.

I think in the future it would be nice to see the cape as an achievement based drop. Not only would this be incentivizing people to get in there and experience it with a guranteed cape reward but it would also cut down on the repeated drops where I Shard my 7th cape and Johann still doesn’t have his. He’s really upset about it every time I do that.


Why are you so cryptic about the drop rate? … It’s weird. What’s gonna happen if people know the actual drop rate is 25% (or whatever)

I vote for the boss capes being achievement based. Kill the boss, get the achievement and the corresponding cape.


@Riley_D Yes, please! Like everyone said, it’s achievement based. Why would we need to grind for this…it’s not gear? Even for expert mode raid boss 5 and hard mode raid boss 5, people spend lots of hours trying to kill it, and you don’t get the cape after you kill it??It’s really hard to put a team together to beat boss 5 for hard or expert that can beat it. It takes hours and hours of practicing to beat it once. After all that time you put in, and no cape? :cry: Please update it before raids go away. :pray:


I have to agree with crazie it’s an achievement everyone who puts in the effort every week to get this down should be rewarded with the cape only fair


I feel like there should be a bump on this because many agree with the fact that the cape should drop achievement based. There’s nothing worse than, after so much struggle and effort, to be the first in the game to finally kill Boss 5 on Expert, like our friends in EK did, and only have 2 capes drop. That sounds to me, pretty darn shattering. There should be more glory to show after getting such a kill…

The verdict is I also vote for the boss capes to be obtained from an achievement.


We will be making a change on this heading into Reborn, but there’s not a lot I can do in the current game to make it achievement-based like that.


Could you at least make every raid cape a guaranteed drop before reborn since we won’t be able to get them after? You wouldn’t need to add a new system for that, just change the drop rate to 100%


I totally agree with Shiki’s suggestion, since it’s too late/harder to implement the achievement system at this point, then why not just change the drop rate entirely? Changed to what it would be like in Reborn with the achievement-based system or change made, that being 100% as stated by Shiki.