Bring back sticky lights

It’s nice that the new light is actually bright - keep that.

However why remove the ability for lights to stick where they strike? It was a fun feature, and also potentially a useful one.

Should def bring that back.


and they removed the effect and sound for arcane blast for no reason?
now it looks the same as ray and fireworks (and sounds the same)

While not directly related,

Generally everyone kind of hated the arcane blast sound (when like 2+ people had it casted). It was a fun sound for shenanigans, but also pretty annoying. I for one am okay with that change lol. I maybe wouldn’t mind the old sound while it’s flying. I probably wouldn’t mind the visual coming back though I’d have to see the effect/hear the sounds together to truly know.


I believe the reason it was removed was because some people complained they were being trolled or something with mages putting lights constantly in their face. Its stupid reasoning but that was the reasoning if I am correct. Honestly probably also why they removed the fireworks sound effect. What are fireworks without a big bang attached? It was a very stupid unnecessary change.

Not to mention the old portals were also fine. Walk into a portal and you get teleported. It was really nice and fluid. The reason they changed it was because people got angry they were being teleported with their pvp on and killed. Logical but they could have not changed it in this way. Perhaps a teleport prompt? This would keep the portals we all liked in a way and replace these stupid orb teleports.

Possibly, and here would be my counter-arguments:
You can just hold spells in front of someone’s face (like light), so I don’t see why you’d remove the spell from sticking.
Fireworks - very weird
Portals - Acceptableeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, I did like the portals more though. I made the same suggestion a year ago. "Troll-Porting" : Portal Yes/No prompt and probably others.

As far as I know, the sticky light (unsure on the sound effects) isn’t anything we changed on purpose, just something that somehow bugged when we did a huge performance overhaul of the game and updated the engine for Reborn, and it’s just the case where there’s always a more major bug to fix that’s higher priority. We should be able to get it fixed eventually if I’m right.

But on the subject of the old portal though, oh boy. So many people abused those to troll and grief new players (and even older players), week after week. It never stopped. It wasn’t just about PvP, a lot of players’ first moments with the game were hanging out in town and suddenly finding themselves lost in the desert, dying over and over for example and no idea how to get back to a safe place. Many of them quit the game on the spot.


Yesssssss. Understandable. I look forward for the triumphant return of the sticky lights!

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