Bug playing as a musketeer

I mainly play as a mage, and i don’t think i encountered something similar to this with my mage.

When i was playing as a musketeer, farming, sometimes i would not be able to hit any monsters, it happened a few times during the combat, i couldn’t hit the monter or trigger any of my orbs, they would fire, but not trigger (my turret worked fine).

The strange thing, is that even though i couldn’t hit, i could talk to other people in the area (other people were able to hit the same monster i was not able to) and i could aggro mob (by just being close to them).

last thing to note, i was fighting the hogs in the rainforest, and even though i moved out of their AOE a good 2 sec before it triggered, i still got shot by it (ultimately dying because it one shotted me ^^)

It has been happening pretty regurlarly to me today (i have started playing musketeer yesterday), sometimes i had to disonnect to resolve the issue, sometime when i resurrected it was fine.

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I had something similar happen to me with the wand where I couldn’t draw runes, try swapping the gun to your other hand and then back to see if that helps.

I will try.

I actually encountered something similar as a mage, i could draw runes, but could not trigger the spell, not even the “miss” sound

You are describing this issue:

It affects more than just the musketeer

It does sound very familiar, but for me it never led to being forcefully disconnected. the first time it happened, it lasted for a few minutes, i had time to die 3 or 4 times, by aggroing with my turrets or by simply moving close to it. I also could still talk to people, and people could clearly see me and interact with me, as one saved me by killing the monster, i couldn’t hit. After a few minute, i reconnected, but was never forced to do it, i never timeout.

That’s the thing. The desync doesn’t always disconnect you. Sometimes it “fixes” itself by going out of combat. That happens only when the monster is killed.

You’re describing the exact same issue here in just a different scenario.

I’ve had the problem both ways, sometimes desync, sometimes not.

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