Desync Issue in combat

Issue: While in combat, suddenly all attacks and special abilities go through the enemy and through the ground without making any contact. Your character is also stuck at that position even if you teleport away.

Ive only had this happen on musketeer. Suddenly in the middle of combat the orbs go through the target and ground so you cannot do anything. Regular attacks do not work. Only the turret registers any damage.

You cannot run away as your position on the server is locked there, so this usually leads to death unless your turret can kill the enemy before you die.

Edit: This has happened to every class and the effects are the same. You can’t do anything and you cannot run.

  1. The only way to fix this issue is to log out and log back in
  2. You are forced to log out after 60 seconds by the server if you dont do it
  3. There is a high chance the game crashes upon log out and you need to restart the game
  4. Warriors won’t be able to hit things or use their horn, ranger arrows pass through enemies, runemage spells immediately hit the ground instead of flying out from the wand.]

@Shiki is this the same glitch you were PM’ing me about on Discord?

Yes, it’s the same ------------------

This also happened today while simply running away in combat without firing.

Basically happening every day. Today, two of the times also resulted in not being able to resurrect at the graveyard. In order to fix this I had to relog and then resurrect. In a different instance I somehow fixed the “shooting through the world” problem by sheer luck while firing orbs at the ground and then putting the gun away and pulling it back out. This however doesn’t really work most of the time and the resync seems to be random (not a set time in the few times it’s happened).

I ran into this same issue once when casting a fireball at a bogtroll. Didn’t see it after that.

Following up on this, are you all still having this issue?

I still ran into this same issue last night in the level 8 dungeon. My spells would go through mobs and mana shield would go through party memebers.

Were you getting the other issue described where you couldn’t teleport to change your position?

I did not notice it. I’m usually casting spells when it happens so I’m not too mobile. If I do, I’ll be sure to let you know.

Yes. I got this issue yesterday as an Archer (finally) and runemage. Can’t damage the enemy. Special arrows go through him and through the world. Even running away I am taking damage where I was standing.

On death I cannot even reawaken in graveyard until the game “desyncs” to the point where I am disconnected and kicked to the login screen. Or if I log out manually, then I can relog in as dead and press the reawaken button.

Okay…I was thinking this might be caused by our disconnect logic being too aggressive…I am doing some testing on our end on this today and I’ll let you know what I find out.

One more thing Riley! Several times when attempting to log out when this occurs (instead of waiting for the game to force me to the login screen), it instead crashes rather than logging out.

Thanks for looking into this.

A new type of desync has been happening. While in the mines, sometimes someone will just vanish in front of us.

On their side, they still see us, still hear us, but can’t do anything, cant hit anything, cant talk to us, They get that white message that should say error sync, except it says something really short like “**”. The only fix is to log out just like the desync bug, except this is out of combat.

On our side we see them vanish immediately. Then we do not hear or see them until they re log.

I have had this happen to myself today and heard it happened to 4 other people in the same hour. Same symptoms, all out of combat.

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I was about to report it, basically there is a bug where after you enter in a dungeon it thinks you are not in the party and desync you (for the others you just vanish like if you changed instance) and after relog you’re still in the party and everything works fine.
So yeah the issue is not the desync itself but the new feature to avoid more than 5 players in the same dungeon that sometimes doesn’t work properly.

So to be clear when this happened to you, you were all in the party when you entered the dungeon, and you didn’t change your party or leave the party, and it still disconnected you?

yeah there’s the message that says i’m not in party and leave the dungeon in 10 seconds, but we’re still in party and i’ll be desync. Sometimes the name of my party become white even if we’re in party, after relog i’ll see it green again and can interact with them.

Correct, sometimes when instancing into a dungeon it will think you are not in the party with others. This is likely contributing to this new type of desync.

Okay, I think the issue with it kicking you out of the dungeon incorrectly should hopefully be fixed now, if not let me know and I’ll take another look.

Just following up on this, I’m still hearing that this is happening sometimes perhaps? Is anyone still getting kicked out of the dungeon within a couple of minutes when they first enter it while in a party? Or did this stop happening and it’s fixed?