Calling all fellowships!

Hello all! Morfran of Carnage here and I’m reaching out to all fellowships! Let’s set a day next week to kill every world boss. We can gather newbies and bring them too. The more the better! Alphabet, Nova, Nemisis, LC, BattleDiscers, SuperFriends, and every other fellowship out there. Let’s all gather up and take on these world bosses!


my headset is dead so im not sure what to do with myself

Make Carnage flag and we’ll show up to help.


We Carnage is focusing on having fun and killing world boss not killing our members

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To Chezil and the rest of LC. Even though I do not like the way y’all play the game, I still have to keep in mind y’all are just playing the game one of the many ways possible. So looking past that if we did have an event where everyone is invited well that would have to include you all too. Some of you are decent players and I would love to have y’alls DPS,Heals, etc. their with everyone else’s. As far as namecalling and trash talking I don’t want any part in it. It’s a game and I’m just here to have fun and play.

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We can DPS that’s about it, Can’t heal white names.

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Cough cough the way where you don’t abuse the xp system. But no need to absolutely rage, we would be happy to help y’all kill the world bosses and protect you from having to see any other red names while we’re at it. Let’s get everyone some rings.

but anyone want to join to have ring and have pvp on just dont join if you just want to do pvp on event of boss killing when it happens dont come

Errr so even in a server-wide group event ur getting yourself and others killed on purpose which might leech at least one boss if they come from graveyard etc…? Ya can’t get healed or heal others …? Seriously provoking others to a pvp-shootout like this, during a server-wide pve event sounds like abusing it. I think at world boss events - least once the boss is enraged - the zone all the way up to next graveyard should be turned in a safe zone, per default. Nothing additional to care for the pvp kids then, they can just leave the switch on and everyone can still pull off a normal PVE group event.

I would really not mind what everyone does or who’s dying or less contributing if the event wasn’t influenced, but most of us already play with an fps of 10-20, so if ppl show up and take one of these lag-increasing spaces they should be as useful as possible (same goes for low-levels, but this mostly solves itself since they survive even shorter or can’t navigate to and through higher-level zones in the first place).


Or you know, you can just turn pvp off and not have to deal with it.
Some people enjoy pvp encounters in the middle of a huge battle like a world boss and if people go to the event with pvp on they’re aware of that possibility.

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but if you want to pvp better off not joining or turn it off and do battlegrounds

Yah you know my point was I have to deal with it if those players lay around dead without need, if I need to sort out healers to actually get heal, and ppl are droppin my fps for their pvp-fun … it rather looked silly to me every time we did the bosses, so far. If that’s so much fun then it should be all pvp-ers joining for that not using pve combatants - which on the other hand do nothing to really make it a pvp-‘battle’ than stand in the way - to make it huge; but nvm I didn’t mean to argue, can’t simply see the fun in the need to spend even more time in the lag-feast than it’s needed already and I got my rings too so whatever :wink:

but some people dont have the rings it would be annoying in mid combat on boss people dieing left and right better off being alive then dead collecting dust

Well the interesting thing in Reborn is that the world bosses don’t care how many ppl are there. It will always spawn the same amount of adds, and has the same amount of health. Which means PvPers vs no-one extra would mean PvPer’s are more helpful. :man_shrugging:

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If there wasn’t lag increase, eventually dead tanks in need of replace, bodies blocking shots, graveyard-leeches of bosses… and I would find it even more annoying if more and more people who don’t need the rings just come to pvp in a large group, no longer even caring about boss-kills, dmg etc. This would clearly disturb the event and be pretty unfair to those who still need em.

but a non pvper cant help a pvper it would be alot of ghost by the end of it

Thinkin this over trickster chest really should come back… best just like the events, 2 or 3 places in different zones, where they spawn at different times. There you have your group of pvpers gathering and battling and it’s clear that the loot is one which can only be gotten in pvp-setting.

The world boss events simply got nothing to do with pvp and never had, the idea of it is that the server gathers to strategize, coordinate and kill a boss, together, and get those players unlucky or new enough to still need it their loot.

if you guys want pvp then host a pvp event it wont be faire to morfran and other orbus players how really need rings also alphabet hosted before and fellow carnage members join and help and when a carnage member is trying to host a world boss event you want to pvp that is just wrong

what will happen if another fellowship want to host will you do the same plus in old orbus some users hated being killed at the wilds and only 2 or 3 user would go for trickster chest plus the loot was mainly useless

Again, pvp is an option. If people don’t want to be killed at the event they’ll show up with pvp off, i really don’t understand why you’re trying to decide it for everyone else or saying what’s right and wrong.
Also that has nothing to do with the event being hosted by Carnage, we went at Alphabet’s event with pvp on too and helped killing the boss while still doing pvp with a couple other red players and i don’t remember anyone making this much drama on that event.

By the way to get back on topic, what day and time will the event start?