Can't start the game

So i just got the game today and I can’t start the game at all.
It just gives me a black screen then throw me back out to the start menu
I use a ocolus quest 2

Try using one of the other two connection types (websocket/proxy). That may help

How do i do that?
I only got the quest no cables to conect to my pc or anything like that

I don’t think Quest actually has access to the other connection types.

When you say “Start Menu”, are you talking about the Orbus log in screen where you select your character, or a Oculus “Start Menu” (I use Vive, so no idea what Oculus looks like! :upside_down_face: )

These are just some random ideas:

  • Shut down the headset completely and reboot it
  • Make sure you don’t have both a 5G and 2.5G (or whatever the other is) wifi network with the same name - the Quest will bounce between them and drop connection frequently
  • Try logging in under a different character if it’s booting you to the character select screen
  • Make sure permissions are set correctly for Orbus - it definitely needs access to your network and microphone at least (without mic access, you can’t hear people either - no idea why)
  • Read through this thread - it has a lot of common issues for Quest: Oculus Quest FAQ and Common Issues/Workarounds