Challenge: Beta Super Leveler

So the latest patch has what is the “first final” runthrough of the quests in it. Dialogue has been tweaked, positions have been changed, and hopefully everything has been thoroughly bug tested. But we really, really want to make sure that the Main Story quest is nice and polished for Early Access. That’s where we could use your help!

Epic Achievement: Beta Super Leveler

Beginning today, if you make a new character on your account, you will receive the achievement on that character called “Challenge Accepted: Beta Super Leveler.” If you can make it through the entire Main Story quest before the Beta ends on December 8th, you will receive the “Challenge Completed: Beta Super Leveler” achievement, which comes with a limited edition cosmetic cape!

This achievement will automatically be transferred (along with the cape) to your primary character for Early Access, so even if the new character you make isn’t the name you want to “keep” long-term, that’s totally fine. You do not need to delete your current primary character. Just make a new one and run through the quests, we’ll take care of the rest.

To avoid any confusion, you must make a totally new character beginning after today’s patch. You must talk to Guardian Bart to begin the Tutorial and get the “Challenge Accepted” achievement. You will get the final “Challenge Completed” achievement after you finish the final quest chain given by Markos called “Into the Wilds” (and the short follow-up “Congratulations” quest right after that one).

Obviously the point of this exercise (other than getting a cool cape) is to help us iron out bugs, so please report any bugs you find that are preventing you from completing the quests to us ASAP so we can get those solved. This is a key part of the game that will be the first thing a lot of new players experience about our world for the first time, so let’s make it shine.

If you have any questions let me know! Happy hunting, and thanks for your help!


Woot! Exciting!

Few quick questions!

  • Is this main quest chain only? If not, how do we tell which is which?
  • Can we see the cape? :slight_smile:
  • Is experience gain modified for this to allow us to focus on the questing, or does this presume we’ll need to grind up to be able to stay apace with the mob levels as we progress?
  • What types of things would you like to see reported? Typos, blockers, misleading text, bugs, balance, etc? Any specific things to prioritize highly or look out for?

There is a little something in today’s patch that will help with that.

I will see if we can get an in-game screenshot.

We’re testing the leveling curve as well. All the quest XP values have been adjusted though so the leveling experience should be about what it is at launch. I may increase the XP gain from grinding toward the end of the test, though, we’ll see.

Really anything is welcome, but the main focus would be things like, if you can’t find something you are supposed to find, if there is a bug preventing you from completing the quest, if you feel like a quest is way too hard for your level, etc.


Awesome, thanks for all the info!

Just to check, is there a way to see what the expected level is for any given quest? Even if it’s an out-of-game list?

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of course its on my birthday >.<

Quick note: we’ve temporarily disabled the opening cinematic video from playing while we work out some bugs there, so please feel free to continue on without it :slight_smile:

Limited edition cape? Challenge accepted!

Speed Run Challenge Accepted! Was the patch released yet?

We should add “super” to our names so that other super levelers can easily identify who else is doing the challenge. Happy hunting guys!

Yes the patch is out now.


Beta Super Leveler achieved with my alt Sparrow. Wooh!!

Draven and I received a second Knight’s cape that we didn’t notice before completing Into the Wilds. Is that the stand in for the Beta Super leveler Cape until it’s added into the game?

A couple thoughts.

  • That guard in the Narrow Orchard is the worst kind of kill stealer.
  • When killing the supplies donkey in the Jungle, the drop should be guaranteed. While I got the drop from my first kill, It took Draven three tries before he got the drop.
  • There was a bug where Draven was unable to get the teeth drops from the elite worms. When he left the party, and started a new one, the drops worked again. I don’t think it was just bad RNG.
  • When fighting the Bishop in the University Isle, there was a point where it didn’t seem like I was doing any damage. And then he just disappeared, and the quest objective completed. But it might have just been network lag.
  • I had some issues with waving to initiate dialogue, which was a problem I never had before. (Roomscale Vive.)
  • I mentioned this before, but the ! wouldn’t appear until after I waved at the NPC. Not always, but many of the main quest NPC’s had this issue.

Noticed no problems with overlapping text.

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I’m too exhausted to do a full write up tonight, but I’ll try to get as much feedback posted on the main quest chain as soon as possible.

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congrats and thanks for running through everything. do you have any feedback on the leveling curve as well as what level you were when you completed the main story.

I finished it at level 12. (Finishing the quest brought me up to 13.) No grinding save for a few kills here and there.

Don’t think I could have done the entire quest line solo. Minus the parts where the area was instanced, we were able to duo everything. The most difficult bit with the most deaths was the demon wolves. But I feel at that point (which was fairly early on in the quest chain), it was less that we were underleveled, but that our gear was. (Since we weren’t grinding.)

The elite worms might have given us the most trouble. If we did it in a full balanced party of similarly leveled players, (or at least have one tank), I think it’s doable at the level we were at. (11ish?) That might be the intention to encourage partying up. However, as two runemages, we ended up using our mains to finish that bit. That was the only point in questing where I feel like a full party (or at least a tank) was necessary.

We were able to cheese the Sword of Ma’at by whoever had aggro would teleport back and forth from the fence. That being said, we probably could’ve achieved a similar effect by kiting, though it might have taken us more tries.

While some of it was difficult, it was not impossible to do at the current rate of leveling through questing. Though if we weren’t as well-versed in our classes, I feel like it would be a different story.

I’m probably forgetting some things, but I’m pretty worn out. Hope this helps a bit.

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okay thanks for the feedback, anything else you can think of be sure to post

Noticed a couple things playing through the quests.
•when taking the sicilus beastiary quest, you can tell sicilus that you’re an enforcer before even finishing the airship to university isle quest.
•in the description for airship to university isle, the text reads “Bishop Roma awaits you at university isle, travel down the path towards guild city on foot.” i think " or take the airship there" should be added onto the end of this now that guild city is now a destination for the airship.

That’s what I have so far, and I’ll be sure to name more stuff as I find it.

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Nice work, impressive!

Finally completed the challenge! Here’s my feedback:

  • Sometimes the “!” doesn’t show up even if the npc has a quest (i already reported it in a past beta but i figured i should report it again here)
  • I had a lot of problems waving at the chef, he only responded in a determinated position. Less problems with Markos but he doesn’t respond too in some positions.
  • Markos gave me 2 knight’s capes instead of 1.
  • The pilgrim doesn’t spawn immidiately, it could be because another pilgrim already spawned but you should let another spawn when turn in the quest, a new player could be disoriented if nothing happens.
  • The guard near the infested spirits should be removed, he kills almost all the spirits in his spawn and all after he moves near them.
  • Marcel Cenn doesn’t allow you to continue the main story quest if you don’t complete his side quest first.
  • In the first dungeon when you get killed by the wyverns and they reset, they can be stuck and can’t enter in combat anymore. That happened with the Elite Wyvern too and we had to reset the dungeon to kill it and complete the quest.
  • Sometimes the weapon shipment doesn’t drop the weapon. It dropped in my second attemp and i know Draven did it 3 times before get the drop.
  • I did only the main story without side quests/grinding and i completed Into the wilds at level 12 (13 after the challenge completed)

Wasn’t a page supposed to be added to the journal specifying which quests are we should do? I don’t see any new pages.