Citadel Hard Mode Beta Feedback

Keep up the feedback everyone, we really appreciate it and will be going through it and making more tweaks and changes. For now, we just put out the following:

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Boss 2 should give a bleed stack from the chains. Also there should be 4 chains. Everything elese that i would say has been said by others. Love the raid btw!

4 chains or bleed stacks are both good ideas. I wouldn’t recommend both because the tank would be murdered all the time. Love the ideas though <3


I think boss 2 and 3 need tank busters


Update: boss 3 mechanic still yet to be found. However we have removed it we think. Would love any info people have

This is what we have so far Lance. This was the second time we defused the bomb.

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@Jake_E I’d like to use the one time only hard mode hint sponsored by The Highsteppe Press concerning boss 3’s party wipe mechanic. Does it involve the suns or beams to remove?


Hmm just based on the video I don’t think that’s supposed to happen that way. I’ll need to look into it more on my end at some point today to verify.

this isnt the hint btw

That’s the point :stuck_out_tongue:


Since we may have to retest all our theories can you Please confirm if it directly involves the suns. Like they are a requirement for removal.

I did some more testing and I believe the visuals and what’s supposed to happen isn’t lining up quite right timing-wise so I think I’ll have to tweak something there. That will get pushed out sometime this afternoon.

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Very Official.


That change to boss 3 should be live now… I don’t think a hint would be warranted at the moment but give it a few more tries and let me know

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We gave it a dozen attempts all resulting in the removal of the team-wiper. We noticed that in some cases adds would spawn and in other cases they would not. Seemed to
spawn in one particular corner. See video


We tested it too Justin_S, and it seems to be working when standing under the beam. You don’t have to look at it even.

The weird part is that it did not work before on the first day. 4 raid groups tried this and it didn’t work there.

But now it seems to work and also put a very strong anti healstack on the player standing in it.

(I am starting to realize the hitbox of the beam was probably waaay of, which caused the mechanic to seem random, until the hitbox got fixed yesterday)


I also believe the hit box was what was adjusted. Did you get adds or not? And, no I do not think looking at it is part of the mechanic. That was just excitement in the group.

Some observations:

  • When there is a person with the bomb one sun seems to spawn nearer to their location
  • I do not even believe you need to be in beam, just near it (as of recent update)
  • More often times than not adds did not spawn if the bomb was near beam, but in a few cases adds DID spawn AND the bomb was removed as well
  • I still do not understand the poison stacks we are getting. Is sunblock needed? Bigger hats?
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My theory is that they added the poison stacks to increase the chance the whole group would insta-die, even if they have unbending. Because yo would unbend + get a poison tick within a second.

Second theory is that they severely underpowered the poison stacks without knowing xD (1/1000th of your healthbar)

Well seeing as the community figured out boss 3. I would like to use the onetime hard mode hint to get a sneak peek what the bard helmet looks like from the hardmode! Whispers to friends “I have a good feeling about this”

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