Citadel Hard Mode Beta Feedback

In terms of boss balancing for HM +6 gear with my current knowledge having taken down boss 1 + 2, and have seen boss 3, 4;

Boss 1 is in a good place. not easy but with a good coordinated group and some practice we can do it.

Boss 3 without the experience of doing a full fight, it seems like it will be good. The difficulty comes in managing everything. Working out how to position so that sky suns can be hit/ got to, grouping for when the sun comes down, killing the boss, killing the consume adds in time whilst also killing suns.

Boss 4 having only tried to fight it once so far seems hard. It should be hard and it is. The main difficulty comes from the adds constantly spawning and being able to heal. At first impression it’s possibly too hard but I want to try again with a full experienced group before asking for change. I haven’t seen what hell is like but seeing as the last hell on normal mode wipes groups I can’t wait to see whats in store.

Boss 2 is too easy for +6. From my DPS perspective, the difficult comes in dodging jumps, pools, avoiding chains, kiting the boss charge, keeping healed from chain tick dmg and hitting the boss when its moving/charging. The fight starts easy but progressively gets harder, But it then resets most of that difficulty when the pools despawn.

I would like to see the pools changed to be permanent throughout the fight. My reasoning behind this would be; It would act like a soft limit to how long the fight can go, we would have to think more strategically about where to drop pools and would make it slowly harder and harder to kite and manage chains.


We gave it a shot as well with a less-than-optimally-sized group of people, but some observations:

Boss 1: I enjoyed the changes compared to the first one. Could use a bit more damage and health on the boss itself, it seemed a little undertuned

Boss 2: I agree with the previous posters about the pools should either stay longer or disappear a pair at a time instead of cleaning all of em at once

Boss 3: The bomb mechanic was fun to figure out, and fun to execute. This fight is definitely my favorite, and I think the consensus was the same. A lot to deal with, and the bomb mechanic was a nice touch. However, I think despite the fact that when you cleanse the bomb the way you are supposed to (we think), there is a little bit of a bug with it still. Seems rather random when it bugs out, and when it doesn’t.

Boss 4: Basically the same as in normal mode, but on crack. I like it. Not much to say about that one, the purple debuff was a good addition too. We only got to like 80% with our shitty 9-man group but it felt good


+1 to getting a hint about what the gear will look like. a blog post a week before the full release showing some of it off would be cool. at least knowing if we are even getting new gear or just a foil would be nice.

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We appreciate your feedback everyone, we’ll be making some changes in the coming days and balance tweaks. :slight_smile:

With regards to the issue where sometimes circle don’t seem to show up on Boss 1, we’re investigating it, for now we’ll be adjusting the height of them as we think they occasionally might be showing up in the ground, so hopefully that helps. The hit detection happens server side so even if you’re not seeing the VFX the mechanic should work though. Still investigating. Does the crystal itself not appear on your body when that is going on?

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I had no issues with boss 1 circles

Sometimes the hit spawns but nothing happens, and sometimes nothing (no circle, no crystal rain) spawns at all.

Additionally @Mathieu_D we are experiencing:

  1. Crystal appears to light, and no frost stacks are removed.
  2. Crystal does not appear to have lit (and despawns), but frost stacks are removed.
  3. Crystal breaking sound well after the crystal has already despawned (during the crystal rain phase).

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