Class talents being unbalanced intended or not?

So a question I want to ask the devs, I am not sure about something. And that is the balancing of the class talents. Why? Because almost every talent in the game (if not all) has one talent being superior over the other. I can not think of an exception when we speak of talents where it has something to do with dps or hps increase. Because there is (probably) not a single talent that is perfectly balanced of any class, I am suspecting this is done on purpose and for the player to figure out.

So the question I have is if this is done on purpose or not? If not then I would gladly help breakdown every single talent and why they are out of balance and how to tweak it (keeping it simple and fast to not waste time…). If it is done on purpose I would not bother you guys with this and waste your time. An answer on this question would also stop the community with nagging on the out of balance of talent X or Y which follows a no response from the dev side (because not in their todo yet I guess?), as has been happening since the beginning of Reborn.


It’s been a month since the last Q&A so hopefully we will get some more answers soon

Im right there with you. I detailed my thoughts in this thread, Class rebalancing , almost two weeks ago now with little response.

The classes and talents need to be looked at, as the talents in their current form are such a wasted opportunity to drastically increase the number of ways to play and enjoy each of the classes. A properly implemented talent systems could essentially double the effective number of classes by doubling the number of ways each class can be played from 1 way to 2 ways