Closed Alpha Test 4 Feedback Thread

Here we go, again! See you all tomorrow!

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Just FYI the final patch for tomorrow is now live, so if you haven’t launched the Launcher yet to download it now would be a good time. See you tomorrow!

Just warming up the thread…about 2.5 hours to go!


We are going to push out one more tiny patch this morning (should be < 100MB) to hopefully fix the remaining voice chat issues that were happening where people couldn’t hear each other sometimes. Should be live to download in about 10 minutes.

EDIT: The patch is now live. Thanks!


The server is now up! Have fun!

Also we moved everyone back to the Starter Village since I know we had some issues last time with people spawning in the wrong places. Just FYI.

Quote from the patch notes from the wiki:

“You will now only receive loot for the class that you are actively playing. Loot chances slightly increased to make up for this. In addition, this means that bosses should now generally drop loot that you want.”

I just got 2 mage class gear and 1 musketeer class gear while being a ranger. No ranger gear yet

Hmmm…okay I’ll look into that, haha.

As a musketeer I only get mage gear :frowning:

Yep working on fixing that now, stand by.

Just did a soft reset which should fix the loot bug. Thanks!

“Ranger’s trap” gets stuck to your hand if you die while holding it :stuck_out_tongue:

And the cooldown of special arrows seems like way to fast. 6 seconds. Is this correct?

It should depend on the arrow. Some like Poison are every 6 seconds, others like Fire Rain are much longer.

Piercing and Spread arrow both 6 seconds?

So actually looking at it, Piercing is 6, Spread is 6, and Poison is 12 currently. That’s not set in stone or anything but we’re comfortable with it for now. I think it’s more likely we’d adjust the damage output of them than adjust the cooldown.

Warrior sword rush sometimes won’t trigger on a boar. All other enemies rush fine

Noted re: Sword Rush and Boars!

Okey so walked about 15 minutes. The last 5 minutes I couldn’t find any mobs anymore on the normal places. Then I get socket closed by remote host. After the restart I got back at the beginning where I walked 15 minutes ago…

Currently the game says I have a latency of 5000 milliseconds. I also just see someone walking around and talking like nothing is going on with my game. I am not able to switch class, because it keeps thinking I am the first class. I can’t hit the dummy also. And when I was able to switch to mage, no spells are getting triggered.

Just tested that I have steady working internet.

haha while writing I am now seeing a latency of 144000 milliseconds.

I relogged again and now everything except the people around me seems delayed like 20 seconds in the past.

Any recommendations what to do now?

Played for about an hour while grouped up with Outlander. He took us on a tour of the jungle. Love the new look on the wererabbits, and liked the new area very much. I’m sure this is coming soon but I’ll say it anyways, with orbs and arrows there is very little room for other inventory. Great job on the additions, I’ll log back in soon to test some more.
Keep up the great work!

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Have you tried using the Alternate connection type in the Launcher?

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