Closed Beta 1 Feedback Thread

Here’s the feedback thread for the first Closed Beta test which begins tomorrow. See you then!

A quick thought, if you are an Alpha player who wants to change your appearance, my recommendation is to do it this test since we’ve reset everything anyway. When the game servers are up tomorrow, just delete your existing character and then make a new one with the same name and a new appearance. Let me know if you have questions on that. Thanks!


The server is now online. Have fun!

3 closed bvy client errors. the 3rd one crashed the game. sending a log. was killing redtails. they keep despawingn and coming back in ranodm places (typing iwth headset on. excuse errors)

Hmmm…is anyone else having any Client Closed errors?

Have you tried connecting with the Alternate connection type?

Having the same errors here. Will log back in a bit to see if it fixes.

Try using the Alternate connection type and see if that makes a difference.

Ok how do i do that? Annd sorry for not logging the error. i willl make sure to log all future problems.

on the login screen of the launcher there is a drop down box above the login button (its set to default, just change to alternate)

There were just a couple of crashes relating to the Party Invite system. I fixed that bug, but just FYI in case things kept resetting on you.

Copy that. I’ll give it a go now. And as always, thanks for the quick response.

We are getting repeated zone crashes right now due to a bug with the new friend system. Working on fixing it.

Okay the friend system should be working now.

Roma i sglitched. He will give you 1 block of dialog, you hit continue and then he only turns to you when you try to talk to him again. This is during the celebration quest I think. THe final part. KMy compass won’t turn upsidedown. It’s stuck horizontal no matter what

on a reloag my journals now and the dialog I can choose is "
Rebel sin the foruest! and continue.

let me know if you are still stuck on that quest, were doing a soft server reset to see if that fixes it for everyone

As Robert said, we just did a quick soft reset of the starter zone to fix an issue with a quest. Thanks!

my journal came back, but the same dialog issue is there. can’t complete the quest

okay well reset it for you give us a few min. If anyone else is stuck on the Bishop Roma quest line let me know and well reset you too