Closed Beta 3 Feedback Thread

You know the drill! This is the feedback thread for the test beginning tomorrow. See you then!


The patch for tomorrow’s test is now available to download. Just run your launcher to get it. See you in-game!

The Patch Notes are now updated for the test tomorrow. Thanks!


The Alchemy page of the Wiki has been updated with the new potion recipes. Note that other than Healing Potion, all recipes have changed. We’ve also removed the Luck potion from the Wiki (you’ll have to find the new recipe in-game) and added the Body Lantern potion so you have a new one to make right off the bat if you’d like.

One more note to add in is that the Airship does go between the docks in the different zones, but the Route itself is still in its rough stage (sharpish turns, elevation changes,airship runs into dock instead of docking beside it, etc.). If you are susceptible to VR sickness I would advise avoiding the Airship until I have a smoother route in game. I will be working on the Route throughout the day, and will have a new(hopefully smoother) route before the end of testing. Sorry for any inconvenience, but all destinations on the Airship route can be reached by foot in game, including the “floating Resort”, where there is a teleporter to take you to the Resort on the ground near a personal “Airship”.

On the same note, if you have stomach made of iron, I would love feedback on the route (time between destinations, turns, elevation changes, if you have problems transitioning between zones, etc.)

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The server is now online. Here we go! Enjoy!

So I uh. Accidently broke down my last mage wand. :sweat_smile:


Yeah. I was afraid someone would do that. Log out and I will give you one.

There is currently an error where you may be seeing some really weird pages in your Journal for quests you don’t have yet. Pushing out a fix shortly and then I’ll do a quick soft reset.

Okay I have logged out and am waiting to hear I can log back in.

Okay go ahead you’re fixed.

I’m noticing that right now if you slide and teleport frequently at the same time (outside of combat) you are able to go faster than intended…so just FYI at some point I will be fixing that. Feel free to do it now if you’d like, just don’t get used to it, haha :slight_smile: In-combat speed seems to be working appropriately.

just crashed on ship and when I try to log back in, I can’t choose my name, it ust says loading where my name should be and there is a screen behind my character. please help

Did you try closing out the client completely?

It seems like if the server crashes while you’re riding an airship, your game client crashes and it causes issues. The server just crashed due to a bug (had nothing to do with airship riding) so it was just bad timing.

it is working now. blah bklagjhggli

If you were in the Jungle the zone crashed just now. Pushed out a bugfix for that.

In about 2 minutes I’ll be doing a full server restart to fix a couple of bugs. Please stand by.

Restart completed. This should fix the issue with the snow tigers in the Frosted Spit.

big elites int eh coat with the purple face and 2 swords have no hitbox