Closed Beta 3 Feedback Thread

Ok thanks for heads up

That reminds me, though, I forgot to include out biggest bugfix this patch! The deer, boar, etc. hitboxes should now all be fixed! Hooray!

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We that problem fixed you should be able to attack the Parka guys now, but it wont take effect until you leave the zone and re-enter.

I’m seeing some weird errors on our logs relating to item containers…if anyone is seeing anything strange with their crafting tables in their house let me know, thanks!

I updated the Wiki with the new Fishing information, you can also find speak with Ernest near Leisa falls (to the north of Highsteppe) and complete fishing quests to earn a new fishing rod (doesn’t do anything at moment as fishing line tension isn’t implemented yet) and also a Lure attractant potion

Is there an ingredient list somewhere or a specific quest we need to do to learn the recipe for the runesmithing vision potion?

yes its part of the main story quest, its about 4 quests after Sir Petyr, during “The Shakeup” quest.

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cant get past character select screen hand wont make pointed finger
did soemthing change?

Hmmm…did something change since earlier today? Or since the last test?

I don’t think anything should be different about that screen…can you send me an output log?

how would i go about doing that

Exit out of the game, and then start the launcher again. In the bottom-left hand side there is a “Report Issues” section. Submit a report and it will send me your log.

Hmmm…I got your log but I don’t see anything wrong. Did you again since you closed it? Is the hand moving along with the controller and just the trigger won’t point? Have you tried both hands? Sorry just grasping at straws here, that is very bizarre. Looks like you are on SteamVR. Are other VR games working?

i have not tried any other vr games but know the trigger is working ingame i see it being pulled when i use it.
i tied both hands i tried loging in and out 3 times .

Just reporting a bug with the wand ‘Flames eat Wood.’ You’re unable to discard it,turn it into shards, or sell it. I have three sitting in my inventory, with no way of getting rid of it.

Okay, I’ll fix that in tomorrow’s patch, thanks!

When I first loaded in and got the black screen with the hourglass(said to be a Rift thing right now when loading, right?) my stomach just dropped and I almost got sick enough to close the client. A few more times and I got used to it and it doesn’t really bother me now. So that’s good.

One thing that was annoying for me is when I go to gather something I open my menu almost every time unless I’m careful. I know this is because I swing the pickaxe higher than the herb is but it’s just the natural motion of swinging one. I can avoid it by using the pickaxe close to the herb and barely moving my hand but it’s a weird way to use the tool.

I have barely even played and this is already a lot of fun.

Yeah sorry we really need to get the loading screens in for Rift

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figured it out had to just restart steam VR dont know what was causeing it though

There are two options on how to open inventory, the finger wipe or the menu button push, not sure which one you have selected but you can change them in the Settings menu in game

We just did a soft reset of several zones to fix a questing bug. Sorry if you were on an airship and just crashed or got DC’ed.