Closed Beta 4 Questing Issues/Feedback

Edit 1: Due to me having to adjust some quests with Sicilus the scholar (university island, Zoo) both models of her will now appear in the world, if you had the bug where she had already moved to the zoo but wouldn’t talk to you, go back to the university island and speak with her there. You will not speak with her at the Zoo until after you have completed and turned in the Quest (Sicilus Beastiary II). Then you will continue her quests at the Zoo (she will say she is going there but not disappear for now). This should solve most the problems people are having with this quest, and in a few weeks with the next patch, I will change it back to her disappearing to lessen confusion.

Edit 2: The “From their beds” quest is bugged right now ( the order of the missing children, along with the escort quest being too long) I will be working on it over the weekend and should be good on Monday

Edit 3: The Rainforest puzzle cube is not being added to the inventory properly and is preventing the completion of the “Divulian Puzzle” questline

Edit 4: When doing the “Black guide” quest, there is a missing journal page directing you to where the magical ruins are, this will hopefully be added soon

Edit 5: While under the effects of the Drink of Ithecac, sometimes it is necessary to re-log to show the anscetors bones (Bezoula quest line) to see the hidden bones. Have found that it happens after potion wears off and if players drink second potion while staying in same zone, temp fix is to drink first potion and once it wears off drink second potion and then go to login screen, log back in and potion effects should work. We are tracking down this bug still.

1.Guardian Bart- Sword Training,Monster Slayer,Ranger Training,Musketeer Training,Gathering Training, Final Challenge
2.A Demanding Chef
3. A Demanding Chef (2)
4. Forest Secrets
5. Secret Tithing
6. Festival Celebration
7. Airship to University Isle
8. Job Seeker
9. A Pilgrim’s Journey-Will not auto complete now
10. Pagan Magicks
11. Report for Duty
12. Woodland Rebels
13. An Unruly Outlier
14. King Sweeties
15. The Ambitious General
16. The Green Mile
17. The Last Meal–>Chef Letharow–>Marcell Cenn–>Lord Rudolf Wenderwood
18. The Archives
19. Follow The Signs
20.The Trials–> Trial 1–> Trial 2–> Trial 3
21. Ceremony
22. Kid Brother
23. Seeking Petyr
24. Secret Commander
25. Two Lives
26. Invisible Ink
27. Bandit
28. The Shakeup
29. Dilvulian Puzzle
30. Brother Pavara
31. Kreyen
32. Highsteppe Guardians
33. Bezoula
34. Helga Sarrow

Side Quests are separate stories from the main story quest, but some will only unlock once you have progressed through part of the main story quest, while others can be completed at any time.
Side Quests Side Quests with a (+) next to their name are meant to be completed lvl 16+:

Whiskey Trader
The Deliveries(+)
Hunting Log 1-6
Ernest Fishing Quests 1-5
Noahs Ark 1-8
Something Fishy Quest chain(+)
Anthropologist Quest(+)
An Accidental Prophecy(+)
Figure on the Moors(+)
Barmaid Jasan Quest Chain(+)
The Grimm Reaper 1-4 (+)
Lucian’s Manor
The Forbidden Temple (+)
From Their Beds (+)
The Explorer’s League (+)
The Black Guide (can be completed but missing story glyph to give clues where they are located)

There are multiple other Quests you may receive as part of these new quests (“Prisoners”, “Mother Vibira”, “The Night Before”, etc.) I just rolled them into their main plot Quests, so it may not seem like very many new #'s but there are multiple steps to most new quests.

If you are just starting out in the Quest chain you will need to complete the Tutorial with Guardian Bart then progress through the Quest chain from there speaking with Chef Letharow in Highsteppe first (twin chimney building).

still can’t pick up the rags for the missing tourist quest

claudie de laforge is not appearing

Okay I must have missed that bug from last test that you couldnt pick up the clothing, I just fixed it but wont be updated until a patch. The box collider for the tourist clothing is about 20 yards away in the grass towards the mountain opposite the resort town if that makes sense. But will be fixed in update.

Last Meal: When turning the items over to the prisoner. He says I like you so I will try warn you again. Should say “try to warn you”

Okay thanks for the heads up, all the writing in the game is still the first draft, the writer (Nick) is making a second pass right now to catch alot of those issues, but I will pass it along to him.

a lot not alot…rofl…just had to.

On that note. Found an issue with The archives. Every book I picked up told me a journal page was added when only the main book added to my journal. Also, at least for the Musketeer class, no ground targeting shots were registering while in the library. Therefore, no healing from anything but the turret.

okay ill make a note thanks

are you going to fix claudia de laforge as well?

I saw her spawn in when i was in game earlier before the last update, she runs a pretty long route, and spawns in all the time not just when the quest is started, is it possible she was along her path when you were waiting for her to spawn, or did you walk the path, but it is possible that she got broken with the last update we did.

The lucian’s hunting quest is super annoying, there are very few elks in the whole zone and the quest ask for 17 of them, i think i wandered there for more than 30 mins and only killed 10.
Also the new hunting quests are still called “Noah’s” and every page text says “kill 4 of each” (even if the list says 0/17).

I ran up and down the path 4 or 5 times and waited for her at her spawn location and nothing. This claudie is turning out to be my nemesis.

i still can’t take quests from Sicilus in this test (at zoo)

EDIT: The elks in lucian wilds had a very little spawn rate yesterday but now i totally can’t find any, still miss 6 for the hunting quest

this is could be broken for you , im going to make it to where sicilus appears at both the Zoo and University Island, as i changed around some of the quests with her and could have broken multiple people. I will update the main thread with the info, but after the patch, go talk to siciulus at university island, and you should be able to proceed.

I checked her spawner and moved it closer to the town of Narrow Orchard, it could be possible she was being attacked by wolves and killed before she reached the town.

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I was able to kill her, thanks

So, I’ve been stuck on this bit since the last test.

After finding the missing tourist, is the Essa Mushroom supposed to appear, or do we have to search for it?

did you pick up the tourist clothing and get a new quest adter speaking with the tourism minister?


I grabbed the clothing first before the finger(toe?) for Little Helper, talked to the fellow, got the follow-up quest, Follow the Trail.

So far my progress is
Collect the Recover the Missing Troust 1/1
Slay the Essa Mushroom 0/1