Closed Beta Two Feedback Thread

You know what to do! Here’s the feedback thread for bug reports and whatnot during tomorrow’s test.

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I would like to mention a bug: the servers are down.
What do you mean I have to wait 'til Friday? I protest!


Already have some feedback for you.

This is in regards to the launcher. I started the download a bit earlier, and it was moving okish 1-2 MB/s (Noting I have a Gigabit fiber, so still slow relativity pipe). It got to about the 30th file or so, then got stuck at 0.01MB/s with no movement, for about 5 minutes, So I restarted the launcher, and it started downloading again now quite a bit faster. 4-6 MB/s on average, and seeing it go up to 30-40MB/s at times. So not sure, if it was a connectivity hickup on my end.

None the less. Maybe a manually, retry button or what not would be handy And possibly a “file check/check for updates button” to make sure all files are complete, and up to date.

TLDR; Launcher got stuck on downloading file, restarting launcher seemed to fix it.

There is a new patch out this morning that has some additional thing we’ve added/changed for today’s test. Should be the last one before we get underway. Thanks!


looks at his internet gb remaining on his hotspot god DAMN

youre killing me here riley

Yeah, sorry, I don’t exactly recommend using a tethering plan for downloading the Beta, there are going to be a lot more patches this weekend, haha.

I…i… i just dont even… wha…

geez might have to go do some extra hours to get more prepaid data…

@Riley_D It seems as if i had to redownload everything for this patch, was it a big patch?

chewd up 3 gb of data so yeah

We just pushed out another patch, this one was much smaller, though. Hopefully that should be it.

Always finding bugs at the last minute, it’s the way of the world.


im gonna try to be the first person to join the server, ive been up all night its currently 2:28 am australian time

best of luck we have everyone on the Discord like counting down the min lol

no one invited me to discord :frowning:

As we get ready to turn on the server, a couple of known issues we’re seeing in our testing we haven’t had a chance to fix yet. These mostly seem to be happening in the Desert dungeon:

  • Some monsters that are elites don’t have the elite badge showing up. They will still be much harder to kill, though. In particular there are some Frog Mages and Manticores in the Desert Dungeon that are elites.
  • Sometimes health bars aren’t showing up properly on the mobs in the dungeon. They are still taking damage properly, though.
  • There is a door in the dungeon that is supposed to be blocking your access to the last boss that isn’t appearing. So you can just go straight to the last boss right now. Obviously that will be fixed in a future patch :slight_smile: But just letting you know.

Can we fight the last boss?

as a backer can you get into the closed beta? i thought you needed to be founder or above.

shhhhh im just magic ok?