Cody's Bug Megathread


General Bugs: Thanks to @Frank_R and @Atropos for sharing some bugs

  • Player home chest interactions stutter and lag.
  • Teleport pathing vanishes periodically leaving you stuck for a while, after holding down either of the grips. (Caused by the “Combat Sprint” option in the locomotion settings.)
  • Enemy hitboxes overlap.
  • When on an unstable connection, enemies will visually teleport around randomly for the player whenever they move.
  • Various tutorial objects appearing despite having them turned off.
  • In game VOIP is still unreliable and buggy.
  • Other players’ class specific equipment shows in character preview in inventory.
  • De-sync issues causing deaths to not properly show, spells to not be cast-able and many more issues.

Overworld Bugs: Thanks to @Atropos for sharing some bugs

  • There are many solid objects which cause your screen to go black that you can walk through, which also block projectiles.
  • There are several walls that are able to be glitched through, throughout the entire world (namely Highsteppe)
  • Books on the floor are incredibly difficult to pick up sometimes.

Questing Bugs:

  • Second brotherhood kill quest person is named “brotherhood2” in journal.

Dungeon/Raid Bugs:

  • Some bosses/adds/mobs instantly lose aggro, resetting their health.
  • Occasionally upon entering a dungeon, you will be placed outside of the map. Going to graveyard fixes this.

Dungeon Queuing Bugs:

  • None that I’m aware of currently.

Ranger Bugs:

  • Compass commonly gets stuck in arrow hand upon drawing bow. Repositioning the compass far from hands solves this issue.

Runemage Bugs:

  • When your connection is unstable, you will occasionally not be able to draw. Activating your super (even if it isn’t charged) solves this issue.
  • Super automatically shoots after activating it.

Warrior Bugs:

  • Shield positioning relative to enemies doesn’t update properly, especially when using sliding movement. (example: Blocking a boss straight in front of you, and then jumping to his side, you have to keep your shield facing straight forward to block his next couple of attacks).
  • Swinging upwards sometimes swings to either the left or right, depending on which side you swung closer to. The angle of the upwards swing counting is too low.

Musketeer Bugs: Thanks to @Atropos for sharing some bugs

  • Orbs (especially healing ones) failing to register, and seemingly disappear. Common on moving targets, but not limited to them.
  • Charged orbs only work on enemies, not allies.

Scoundrel Bugs: Thanks to @ChaseChair and @Frank_R for sharing some bugs

  • Gun will often “jam”, requiring you to re-equip it (which you cant do unless you’re out of combat).
  • The card deck will freeze preventing you from drawing from it.
  • Occasionally upon throwing a card up it disappears.
  • Charging a shot while interacting with cards will misfire your ultimate.
  • Guaranteed crit talent (every 6th shot) happens every 7th shot.

Paladin Bugs: Thanks to @Atropos for sharing some bugs

  • Libram occasionally gets stuck to hand.
  • Offhand plea happens almost immediately off cooldown and you still can’t control it due to trigger spot.
  • Paladin rez plea 10min cd that starts over every time you zone change plus being insta-triggered.
  • Paladin thrown hammer occasionally ground slamming.

Bard Bugs:

  • Haven’t played enough to know yet

Shaman Bugs: Thanks to @Atropos for sharing some bugs

  • Totems and orbs from totems occasionally stop spawning.
  • Mask floats far from face
  • Shader on mask is different from every other shader in the game, giving it the appearance that it’s shiny.

Mission Bugs:

  • None for now

Critter Capture Bugs: Thanks to @Atropos for sharing some bugs

  • Fast flying critters spin around like crazy.
  • Blowing your horn doesn’t trigger the critter capture sometimes.
  • Rare critters aren’t noticeable.
  • Critters run/fly through walls and objects.
  • Net gun horn has varying delays between use times.
  • When on an unstable connection, the net gun has a varying delay between firing times, much like the horn.

Dragon Race Bugs: Thanks to @Frank_R and @Atropos for sharing some bugs

  • Mounts occasionally show while racing.
  • Some class specific equipment shows while racing.

Public Event Bugs:

  • Only two enemies in the Obnobi Camp event will attack the camp.
  • Enemies commonly ignore their objective, allowing for easier than intended completion.

World Boss Bugs:

  • Engraged tree boss will shoot pinecones and spawn tremors under players who died by him and respawned.

Auction House Bugs: Thanks to @Espiticus for sharing some bugs

  • Bottoms of some posts (specifically item crates) being cut off.
  • If bid and buyout are same, you cannot buyout or bid.

Battlegrounds Bugs:

  • Long names block kill counter on leaderboard.
  • Leaderboard occasionally doesn’t show up, forcing you to relog to leave.

This post is a work in progress, and I will add and remove as time goes on.


I think this one’s wrong :joy: but I agree with the rest posted so far

Edit: squirrels aren’t what enrages the boss

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The tree they are in is sometimes invincible


I have attacked it for so long lol


scoundrel bugs for you
scoundrel gun will often “jam” causing you to take off your weapon and put it back on (which you cant do unless your out of combat)
the scoundrel card deck will freeze disabling you from drawing them
sometimes when you throw your card up it disapears

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to highlight a few more


  • charging a shot while interacting with cards will misfire your ultimate
  • guaranteed crit talent (every 6th shot) happens every 7th shot


  • player home chest interactions s-s-s-s-tutter and lag
  • teleport pathing vanishes periodically leaving you stuck for a while
  • upper gates from highsteppe public event vanish when you get near them leaving an invisible barrier
  • mount doesn’t always show when you’re on it, sometimes shows when you’re not
  • mount shows up in the dragon race weirdly
  • your mage spells may vanish into thin air after casting
  • text on overworld books (like the one at the bloody puddle) is flickering and unreadable
  • polymorph spell invisible on wand
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I reported this being bad in the old game, playing on oculus quest it is soooooo much worse

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don’t forget sometimes the warrior sword wont work in dungeons


Same with hammer


Paladin bugs:

  • Occasional disappearing hand
  • Occasional sticky libram (still!)
  • Offhand plea happens basically immediately off cooldown and you still can’t control it due to trigger spot
  • Visual glitch every time you traverse zones where your on-cooldown effects appear as if off-cooldown.
  • Paladin super still worthless
  • Paladin rez plea still worthless (10min cd that starts over every time you zone change plus being insta-triggered)
  • Paladin thrown hammer occasionally ground slamming
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Musketeer bugs:

  • Still no way to cancel supercharging a turret
  • Charged orbs only hit on enemies, not allies or the ground
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Clipps off bottom of Scotts Item in AH


My menues do this after interacting with the AH or AH chest and grow progressively worse …
unless this is a feature for the Cthulhu Event =)

I could get behind a hidden maddness bar.


The hidden madness bar is the game’s mess of code :stuck_out_tongue:

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Shaman bugs:

  • With some degree of regularity, totems will stop spawning or orbs will stop spawning from totems

General bugs:

  • Enemies will overlap hitboxes
  • Enemies that ‘rush’ (such as Tear Minion) will stutter during teleport, visually appearing next to you, then appearing back where they were, and again appearing next to you.
  • Player home ‘help tooltips’ appear and disappear randomly, despite not changing my setting off hiding them.
  • Overworld books on the floor are still incredibly difficult to pick up sometimes. Most people’s VRs are not set up to track below mid-to-upper calf. If your ‘pick up’ circle doesn’t appear until your controller is below that (or not at all), it’s a serious problem.

Critter Capture:

  • Sometimes the horn will not blow at all, despite it being well past the expected cooldown
  • Often the gun will not fire despite having pulled the trigger, even multiple times. Will eventually fire again, but the beautiful shot you had lined up is gone.

A couple more:


  • If you open your character sheet next to another player, their ‘equipment’ (not their person or the weapon, just things like shields, arrows, etc) will clip your picture.
  • If you start a dragon race with certain classes (musketeer, e.g.), the belt items stay visible throughout the race (musketeer’s lifewell orb especially).

Is this that a muted player does not stay muted or is it not working at all. The mute at least in Old orbus did mute the player.

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It mutes them and then the next time you see them you can still hear them even though it shows them as muted, unmuting and then muting again will no longer mute them


For me it never mutes them at all. Can hear them no matter whether I just muted them or if it’s been a while

Edit: I had no issues with this in Oldbus or in Reborn prior to raid beta release.

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bump to not prevent complaining about how hairstyles trumped this list! :stuck_out_tongue:

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