Colosseum Style PvP Arena

I really like the way PvP is annouced to be handled in game. Security levels and wildlands with no guards are great for those who want to go on the path of rogue and fellony.

But one thing is sure : People will want to fight each other for fun, without the risk of losing their property. To answer this, “Battlegrounds” are great, as they provide a tactical fight, but the simpler duels are a good thing. But, how can you ensure duels are a well endowed practice, with a place in the world : An Arena !

And if you want to value duels, give it a public, viewers, standing on a place where noone can be harmed, and has a good view. that’s why a colosseum (might be a smaller one) would be a great place to fight.

In fact, what the community needs, a simple way to fight in duels or organised fights ( like Béhourd ?), in the big city hub. From that, I don’t know if an integrated system or free for all PvP range with no death possible, a 1hp coma for instance) is the best. With the later, the community will be able to create their own tournaments. With the former, people will easily get in queues for fights, and an integrted ranking could be done.

I don’t really know what the community will prefer, but I know which one is easier to do (the former).

Do you plan on making anything that will be compatible with these ideas ?


Yeah we definitely intend to introduce organized PvP via arena fights. I can’t promise it will be in at launch but we’ll see.

That said, we also have a bigger vision for a thing called the “Grand Tournament.” Unfortunately we didn’t hit the stretch goal for it so it won’t be in at launch, but hopefully it will come in a future update. Basically the idea behind this is that it’s an organized tournament where a small group of people (eight?) are dropped into a free-for-all arena that has both other players and PvE content to contend with. You start at level 1 with only basic gear, and then it’s up to you to hunt down monsters and take them on to get gear drops and level up. At the same time there are other players to contend with who might be trying to attack you, or maybe you can trust them to pair up and take things down together…etc.

Then I’m hoping that we can turn it into a spectator sport where people can gather in the game who aren’t in the tournament to watch the action and cheer on the players.

Anywho, that’s the long-term organized PvP goal right now. But it may take a while to get it done.


actually this could be a lot of fun, even just being a spectator on the sidelines watching other people fight.

That sounds like fun.

Any chance for full loot full PVP ala Ultima Online / Darkfall? :smiley: (risk vs reward makes games so much fun)

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Lol love the full loot idea:)

That sounds really interesting. I have never been a fan of PvP in my MMOs, but the addition of PvE mixed in and working together while still being at odds with each other… I might spend some time with that.


Like the Hunger games, or Battle Royal just with the addition monsters, that’s lit :fire: