Constant crashing

For the past week or so even after this latest patch the game is crashing for me pretty regularly (as short as 5 mins up to every hour or so). I am using the HTC Vive/Windows 10/r9 390/16gb ram/i5-3570. For a while when i started playing it rarely happened and now its pretty frequent. I am going to try re-installing now.

Okay, sorry to hear that! If you’re still having trouble after re-installing take a look at the first post in this thread and follow the instructions and we’ll start working to debug the issue:

It still happened unfortunatly. Sent my file via email.

Hey there just following up on this – did today’s patch help at all?

Sadly It still crashed the second time i started playing today about 6 minutes in.

can you go ahead and send another output log to us so we can keep tracking down the issue, sorry to hear it still crashed. Also which branch of the game are you playing on (beta, experimental…?)

It has been sent. I am on the beta branch and have had the crashing on both the normal and beta.

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