CONSTANTLY being disconnected (Oculus Quest)

Bought myself Orbus for Xmas and only got round to playing it recently - only to find that I CONSTANTLY get disconnected. I think yesterday I had the longest play session before being kicked, it lasted about half an hour before the dreaded error message.

This bug is an absolute nightmare. Every other game works, this is the only one that has this problem. I have high speed broadband (Virgin), can play HD movies, youtube, and other VR games no problem. So it’s not my connection.

The strangest thing is, the game doesn’t just disconnect itsself, it seems to knock the whole headset offline. I have to reboot the Oculus Quest to get it back on the internet - only then can I log right back in to Orbus (only to be disconnected yet again a few minutes later).

What’s happening? Do I have to request a refund? I was really looking forward to this game! :frowning:

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Try what a dev said in this thread; if it does not work then I do not know. Someone did have a similar problem at one point having speedy internet but being disconnected. It was something along the lines of when other people were using the same connection it was disconnecting him.

Check the forums for something about a 2.4 or 5 gigahertz connections. I think that’s what it’s called. I’m old and don’t understand those things but is popped up several times and seemed to help a lot of people with disconnect issues.

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Hi, in addition to what the others said above, I’d recommend trying to test on a different wifi network briefly to see if that happens, if that’s possible. Like using your phone in tethered mode is what some players used to test if that was the issue with the 2.4hz and 5hz signals constantly switching back and forth. For them, the game didn’t disconnect on their phone wifi and that’s how they realized their home wifi was causing the issue.

OK, that sounds plausible - what do I do about that? Switch off the 5gHz signal?

Yes I have to reboot the headset to make ANY game work after it crashes, but it still crashes again when you try it the next time.

That seems to be what other players have done, getting rid of one of the signal types so the Quest stops trying to reconnect in between the two signals.

This happens to me too. My internet is old and still uses the phone line, but even when people aren’t using it, it still happens, restarting my internet and my quest doesn’t help.

Thanks for the tip! :slight_smile:

I have a mixed device network, and have opted to keep both bands ‘active’ but have simply named them with different SSIDs and used different passwords. My family has a few legacy devices that can only hear the 2.4GHz radio band. We have fewer devices connected to High Frequency, and so I prefer to use the 5 GHz band for the Quest.

This has fixed my issue completely. Anyone seeking a solution to this issue needs to access their WiFi router and perform this separation technique. Just remember to switch your phone to the same band as the Quest or you will get issues with the Oculus App the next time you attempt to use it.

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